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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates

Engineering and Construction

 Engineering and Construction Administration is responsible for various support services, including:
  • Development, management and submittal of the department's operating and capital budgets
  • Flood maps
  • Manages the Professional Services Selection Committee (PSSC)
  • Designs County infrastructure
  • Administers prequalification and selection of engineers and contractors
  • Administers construction contract bidding, processing and inspection for:

Public Notices

Periodically, the Department of Public Works and Transportation needs to advertise specific information on upcoming work or applications to perform specific tasks through a public notice. The following are current public notices:

  • Patapsco Sewershed Basin 33 Relief Sewer
  • Delmar Sewershed Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Basic Services Maps

In accordance with Subsection 4A02.1E of the Baltimore County Zoning Regulations, annual updates to maps of areas within Baltimore County that are deficient with respect to Public Water Service, Public Sewer Service and Transportation are required. Building permits may be withheld or deferred in areas designated as deficient on these maps:

Refer to Bill 19-23 for revisions to the Basic Services mapping standards.

Contact Information

The Design Division of the Bureau of Engineering and Construction is responsible for the design of the public infrastructure of Baltimore County and is divided into the following sections.

Division/TopicContact Information

Design Division

Design of the public infrastructure of Baltimore County

111 West Chesapeake Avenue, Room 205
Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone: 410-887-3788
Fax: 410-887-4394

Highways Design

  • Design and review of local road improvements within the County, including new construction, reconstruction or widening of existing roadways, ensuring that they meet current County design standards and criteria
  • Coordinates with MDOT-SHA with respect to roadway and shoulder improvements that intersect local roads
  • Improvements, repairs and reconstruction of the more than 1,000 alleys in the County
  • Streetscape projects and sidewalk installations 
  • Alignment studies for existing roads and intersections
  • Regular coordination with the Development Plans Review Bureau on new, private developer projects

Phone: 410-887-3739
Chief: Brandon N. Love, P.E.

Sewer Design

Design and review of sanitary sewer projects, including:

  • Collection systems for residential and commercial areas as well as pumping stations and major interceptors to carry wastewater to the two major treatment plants.
  • Provides for the rehabilitation, repair and replacement of sewer lines and the upgrade of pumping stations

Phone: 410-887-3781
Chief: Amy Bley, P.E.

Storm Drains Design

Design and the review of storm drainage systems for the proper conveyance of storm water from County roads and through County property.

Phone: 410-887-3711
Chief: Sheldon Epstein, P.E.

Structural Design

Responsible for projects involving structures such as bridges, large culverts and retaining walls to ensure public safety and structural integrity. Project types include:

  • Design and review of new and replacement structures.
  • Design and review of rehabilitation and repair of existing structures.
  • Safety inspection of existing county structures.
Phone: 410-887-3737
Chief: Nicholas Smith, P.E.

Water Design

  • Design and review of design of improvement projects for the metropolitan water system
  • Extensions of the local service type water mains
  • The rehabilitation of existing facilities
  • The construction of new facilities (water pumping stations/storage facilities and large diameter water transmission mains)

Phone: 410-887-3783
Chief: Erin McKenna-Streyle, P.E.

  • Boundary Extensions
  • Water and Sewer Master Plan
  • Floodplains, FEMA
Phone: 410-887-3984
  • Alley Contracts
  • New Construction
    • Bridges
    • Streets
    • Utilities
    • Bids
    • Manuals and copies
    • Contracts
Phone: 410-887-3461
  • Surveys
  • Ground elevations/geographic positions/latitude and longitude
 Phone: 410-887-3540

Projects under construction

Phone: 410-887-3531

Engineering Records

Phone: 410-887-3758

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Engineering and Construction

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