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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates 
County offices are closed on Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day.

The Division of Construction Contracts Administration (DCCA):

  • Provides contract administration and construction inspection services for all new and rehabilitation contracts, including sanitary sewers, water mains, roads, bridges, storm drains and pumping stations throughout the County
  • Provide the above services for County departments, including Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS) and Property Management
  • Is responsible for monitoring the materials supplied and is empowered to disapprove suppliers at any time

View a list of prequalified contractors, classification of work and contract cost group they are qualified to perform.

Contractor Prequalification

A prequalified bidder is a contractor who has received a certificate of prequalification from the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT).

Public Works Current Solicitations

Public Works Current Solicitations advertises the contract for proposed work. It identifies the required prequalification categories, cost group, bid proposal document inspection, and the date, time and place of solicitation opening. To receive an email in the future for upcoming projects, subscribe to our email distribution list.

The Baltimore County Prevailing Wage and Local Hiring Law requires the prevailing wage be paid to workers on County financed capital improvement projects valued over $300,000.

Request to Add Categories to Certificate

A contractor must send a letter formally requesting the additional categories, along with an expanded project list pertaining to each additional category, to the DCCA via mail, or via email to

Request to Be Added to Source of Supply List

All materials used on Baltimore County Construction Contracts:

  • Must meet the requirements of the General Provisions in the Standard Specification for Construction and Materials
  • Must be made by approved manufacturers
  • May be supplied by either approved manufacturers or approved suppliers

A manufacturer or supplier wishing to be added to the current Source of Supply list must submit a written request to the DCAA office with the following details:

  • All catalogue cuts
  • Test results
  • Certifications
  • Shop drawings pertaining to the particular material or item to be added

Upon approval, the manufacturer or supplier will be added to the list. The approved Source of Supply list will be published with additions, changes and deletions as needed.

Report Errors or Inconsistencies

To report errors or inconsistencies in the source of supply list, email or call 410-887-8729.

Control of Materials (GP 6.01)

If all materials are to be supplied from the sources on this list, only written notification to the effect is required. If other sources are to be used, they shall be submitted for approval. It shall be the Contractor's responsibility to insure that all materials are supplied from approved sources. Once the source of concrete or bituminous concrete for exposed final surfaces has been selected, that source is to provide material for all construction of continuous surfaces on the entire project. Submittal of all sources of supply will still be required for projects involving State and Federal funding. The engineer will inform the contractor as to source acceptability as soon as possible.

Note that:

  1. All types of pipe are grouped under the pipe category
  2. The waterline and appurtenances section has been added specifically for waterline construction
  3. Portland Cement Concrete suppliers and bituminous concrete suppliers must maintain an approved mix design with DCCA
  4. Any change of plant or mix for bituminous concrete or Portland Cement Concrete surface course for a paving project or Portland Cement Concrete for exposed surfaces is not allowed without the specific approval of DCCA

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