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Alley Reconstruction Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can I call to get my alley repaired? Reconstructed?
Call the Bureau of Highways at 410-887-3560 or send an email to A petition is required for reconstruction. If the alley meets the required criteria, a petition will be mailed to a spokesperson who is willing to be the contact with the county and circulate the petition to property owners for signatures.

Q. What criteria does an alley have to meet to be reconstructed?
Alleys must meet certain criteria to be considered for reconstruction:

  • Located in a residential, non-commercial community
  • Has ingress and egress
  • Has trash pickup in the alley
  • Has public utilities
  • Has been rated 'terrible' by the Highway Design section of the Bureau of Engineering and Construction

Q. What qualifies as a valid petition?
Petitions for reconstruction of existing concrete alleys require signatures of 51 percent of abutting property owners (as listed on state tax records). Petitions for construction to replace dirt alleys (other than concrete) require signatures of 100 percent of abutting property owners (as listed on state tax records).

Q. What happens after a petition is validated?
Once a petition is received, the appropriate percentage of signatures is verified and state tax records are checked to verify ownership of those that signed the petition. The information is then sent to Highway Design. They will decide if and when an alley should be reconstructed.

Q. How can I find out the status of alley reconstruction?
Call Highway Design at 410-887-3739.

Q. How much will it cost? Is financing available?
A. The cost to construct or reconstruct alleys is $750 per property owner. $50 will be applied to the property tax bill over a period of 15 years, interest free. Property owners can also pay the total cost in full upon receiving billing notification.

Q. Is there any warranty on the repairs?
The county will make all necessary repairs for a period of 15 years without further charge to the property owners. This is the normal life expectancy; however, many last much longer.

Revised February 4, 2019         


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