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Historic Reisterstown is a rare place. Reisterstown is a town that has, in physical appearance and atmosphere, retained much of the quiet quaintness and stalwart dignity of a bygone era on its Main Street. Today visitors and locals converge on Main Street to shop in unique boutiques, enjoy fine dining and live music, and stroll along Main Street meeting old and new friends along the way.                                                               

Here are 10 great reasons to come to Reisterstown!

  1. Take a leisurely stroll through one of the oldest "towns" in Baltimore County.
  2. Look for the oldest grave marker (hint: it's from 1774) in the Reisterstown Community Cemetery.
  3. Take your date to dinner at one of fifteen fabulous restaurants in town.
  4. From cupcakes to ice cream, Reisterstown's Main Street has your sweet-tooth covered.
  5. Shop at one of the many unique boutiques on Main Street.
  6. Enjoy coffee and live music at the local coffee shop.
  7. Relax under the stars on Friday evenings in the summer at Music on Main Street, on the lawn at Franklin Middle School.
  8. Meet up with old and new friends at one of the many festivals held on Main Street from May-September.
  9. With the Baltimore Ravens Training Facility nearby, you never know when you'll spot a professional football player in town.
  10. Learn all you ever wanted to know about the history of Reisterstown at the Reisterstown Branch of the Baltimore County Library, just one block off Main Street.
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