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Design Review Panel

The Design Review Panel (DRP) was established by Section 32-4-203 of the Baltimore County Code 2004, as amended. The goal of the DRP is to encourage design excellence through the application of design guidelines contained in the Master Plan, the Comprehensive Manual of Development Policies, adopted community plans and/or Section 260 of the Baltimore County Zoning Regulations, as applicable. The DRP’s general charge is to assess the overall quality of a project.

The DRP acts in a technical consulting capacity; its recommendations are binding to the Hearing Officer and county agencies.


The Design Review Areas are designated areas that help ensure high design standards. There are two types of areas:

  • Commercial (non-residential) review areas
  • Residential review areas


Projects that are referred to the Design Review Panel are discussed at their monthly meeting.

The Design Review Panel (DRP) meets on the second Wednesday of every month, as needed, except for August. Three members constitute a designated panel for the purpose of making recommendations on a particular project.

The attendance and recommendations of the DRP are recorded in the meeting minutes. The approved meeting minutes and all documents submitted to the DRP are open record and available for inspection and copying by the public. Also, all meetings are open to the public.

No meetings will be held when County schools are either closed for the day or subject to early dismissal due to inclement weather. Cancellation of meetings held during normal working hours will be decided upon on a case by case basis. Unless otherwise noted, the meetings are in Room 104 of the Jefferson Building (105 West Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, Maryland 21204), beginning at 6 p.m.

The tentative agenda for each meeting is available approximately two weeks prior to the meeting. Subscribe to receive email notifications when the latest DRP meeting documents have been posted.

Written comments are accepted by the Department at 105 West Chesapeake Avenue, Suite 101, Towson, Maryland 21204. Please mail to the attention of the Design Review Panel.

*Resubmittals of previously reviewed projects can be submitted within ten business days of the meeting.


DateSubmittal DateLocationMeeting Documents
January 8
6 p.m.
December 19, 2019Jefferson Building, Room 104Cancellation Notice 
February 12
6 p.m.
January 23Jefferson Building, Room 104
March 11
6 p.m.
February 20Jefferson Building, Room 104Cancellation Notice
April 8
6 p.m.
March 19Jefferson Building, Room 104Cancellation Notice
May 13
6 p.m.
April 23Jefferson Building, Room 104Meeting canceled.
June 10
6 p.m.
May 21This is a virtual meeting via Webex. View or listen to the work session online:
July 8
6 p.m.
June 18Watch the recording.
September 9
6 p.m.
August 20Watch the recording.
October 14
6 p.m.
September 24Watch the recording.
November 10
6 p.m.
October 21Watch the recording.
December 9
6 p.m.
November 19Jefferson Building, Room 104Will be posted when available.


DateSubmittal DateLocationMeeting Documents
January 9
6 p.m.
December 20, 2018Jefferson Building, Room 104
February 13
6 p.m.
January 24Jefferson Building, Room 104Cancellation Notice 
March 13
6 p.m.
February 21Jefferson Building, Room 104Cancellation Notice 
April 10
6 p.m.
March 21Jefferson Building, Room 104Cancellation Notice
May 8
6 p.m.
April 18Jefferson Building, Room 104
June 19
6 p.m.
Note date change
May 23Jefferson Building, Room 104
July 10
6 p.m.
June 20Jefferson Building, Room 104Cancellation Notice
September 11
6 p.m.
August 22Jefferson Building, Room 104
October 2
6 p.m.
September 12Jefferson Building, Room 104
November 13
6 p.m.
October 24Jefferson Building, Room 104
December 11
6 p.m.
November 21Jefferson Building, Room 104


The department has prepared handbooks that describe the DRP review process and include an application for requesting a DRP review.

DRP Commercial (Non-residential) Review Handbook with Application (PDF)
DRP Residential Review Handbook with Application (PDF)


The Design Review Panel (DRP) consists of a panel of nine members knowledgeable in matters of design, including architects, landscape architects, engineers and other design professionals. The professional members are appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. The County Executive appoints the Chairperson.

For residential development proposed in a Residential Review Area, the DRP consists of a minimum of two, professional members designated by the chairperson, and one resident member appointed by the County Council. The appointed resident member must be a resident of the councilmanic district in which the development is proposed. The County Council appoints a revolving panel of resident members.

DRP members may serve no more than two, three-year terms. Apply for a vacancy online.

NameDate AppointedCurrent Term ExpiresAppointed By
Cecily Beldwell2/17/201612/31/2019County Executive
At Large
Matt D'Amico2/25/201912/31/2020County Executive
At Large
John DiMenna
2/27/201912/31/2021County Executive
At Large
Kelly W. Ennis2/25/201912/31/2021County Executive
At Large
Donald Kann2/28/201912/31/2020County Executive
At Large
Hyon K. Rah7/14/202012/31/2022County Executive
At Large
Matt Renauld3/27/201912/31/2020County Executive
At Large
Julie Soss7/14/202012/31/2022County Executive
At Large
Joseph Ucciferro2/25/201912/31/2021County Executive
At Large

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Contact the panel by calling 410-887-3480 or by emailing the following staff:

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