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Webinar Series on COVID-19 Assistance

Featuring Local Small Business Experts

Baltimore County Business Forum: COVID-19 and Beyond

As Baltimore County businesses face unprecedented threats to their continued viability, County Executive Johnny Olszewski is providing a virtual forum to help small businesses and affected workers navigate assistance resources and plan for the eventual economic recovery.

The County’s economic and workforce professionals will host rotating panels of local subject matter experts. Topics will focus on support resources for small businesses and workers, progressing from immediate stopgap financial programs to longer-term recovery strategies.

Webinars will be presented live via Cisco WebEx. Recorded video of the completed webinars will be posted on this web page.

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Past Webinars

Deciphering Current Executive Orders: How Does This Apply to My Business?

Tuesday, December 1Watch the recording.
Tailored for owners and managers of Baltimore County small businesses, this webinar offers an expert look at deciphering Executive Orders and how businesses can ensure they are in compliance.
The webinar not only gives employees, business owners and managers insight on how to observe Executive Orders, but also provides an overview on loan and reimbursement opportunities businesses may be eligible for.

Flipping the Script: Tools and Tips for Tourism Recovery

Thursday, September 24Watch the recording
With pandemic restrictions and ongoing safety and health risks, customary crowd-pleasers like restaurants and event and performance venues are struggling to survive with limited seating and costly infection-control measures. Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski opens this informative session, which offers a rundown on the current state of our local hospitality and tourism industry, as well as forecasts and insights on what businesses can do to increase revenues and cut expenses to stay afloat.

The Evolving Role of Non-Profits and the Federal Government in the COVID-19 Response

Tuesday, August 25Watch the recording
In the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape, the non-profit sector has stepped up to supplement government resources, helping to ensure that people have access to food, housing support and other critical community services. Given the increasing uncertainties around federal and state programs and policies, these next few months threaten to deliver unprecedented levels of financial hardship to families in our region. This webinar offers a glimpse of what lies ahead, with expert economic and policy forecasts and an analysis of local data trends to help inform decision-making. Community leaders offer a view from the field, detailing what service providers are seeing, how they’re responding and identifying the critical gaps. This session features policy updates by Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski and U.S. Senator Ben Cardin.

Exploring Economic Impacts and Opportunities in the Baltimore Region

Wednesday, July 1Watch the recording
Even as we are still experiencing the unprecedented economic toll of the global pandemic, it is increasingly evident that the public health crisis has ushered in far-reaching paradigm shifts that will affect the foundations of our local, national and global economies for years and decades to come. Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski has assembled a distinguished panel of regional thought leaders who discuss the pandemic’s impact and recovery forecast trends, as well as explore the unique opportunities emerging in business sectors like technology, logistics, domestic manufacturing, retail distribution and others. 

Who's Hiring Now

Monday, June 8Watch the recording
This webinar session offers job seekers timely and tangible information on what jobs are available and how to best position themselves for success. Panelists include hiring managers from Baltimore County’s manufacturing and healthcare sectors, and talent recruiters and workforce development professionals from government and private industry.

Getting Back to Business Safely

Friday, May 22Watch the recording.
This webinar is geared for owners and managers of Baltimore County small businesses, and offers expert advice and practical solutions for reopening restaurants, retail stores, offices and other workplaces in a manner that best protects the health and safety of customers and employees. Panelists included County operations, hospitality and public health officials.

Resources for Affected Workers

Tuesday, May 5Watch the recording.
This webinar is intended to help people who are unemployed or whose jobs and income are at risk due to the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis. Panelists provide timely information and give an overview of how to access support resources and job opportunities. County Executive Johnny Olszewski participated in this webinar, moderated by Baltimore County Director of Economic and Workforce Development Director Will Anderson. The panel featured Baltimore County career counselors to offer support for job seekers, officials with the State Department of Labor to answer questions about Unemployment Insurance, and CCBC's Dean of Health and Human Services to share workforce solutions and training opportunities.

Navigating Small Business Resources

Tuesday, April 21Watch the recording.
County Executive Johnny Olszewski participated in the first webinar, moderated by Baltimore County Department of Economic and Workforce Development Director Will Anderson. Panelists included experienced legal and financial professionals who are advising clients every day on COVID-19 issues, and are themselves members of the Baltimore County small businesses community.


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Legal Disclaimer

This webinar is for general information and does not constitute legal, financial or professional advice. The views expressed by the panelists are theirs alone, not those of Baltimore County government, and their participation does not constitute or imply the County’s endorsement or recommendation of the business or organization which such speaker represents. Baltimore County specifically disclaims any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, product, service or process presented and makes no representation that its use would not infringe upon privately owned rights. The presentation of any material or information by a third party regarding any specific opinion, commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute or imply the County’s endorsement or recommendation.

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