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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates
Watch the Recording of County Executive John A. Olszewski Jr. delivering the Proposed FY25 Budget Message

The Workforce Development Board (WDB) is an industry-led entity that provides policy guidance and oversight for Baltimore County's workforce development system. In addition to decision makers from companies in the County's key industry sectors, the WDB includes representatives from educational and service agencies, organized labor and community-based organizations.

The WDB ensures that plans and priorities for workforce programs reflect the current and future talent needs of local area employers. It also oversees efforts to create strategic partnerships involving private businesses, public agencies and not-for-profit organizations to advance the workforce readiness of County residents. The WDB serves as the Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB) for Baltimore County per the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).


All board meetings are open to the public. 



Board Members