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Comprehensive Zoning Map Process

Logo for the Comprehensive Zoning Map Process for 2020.


Public Filing is Now Open

The public filing period is now open and will close on October 15, 2019 at 4:30 pm. Request a zoning change.

CZMP 2020 

The Comprehensive Zoning Map Process (CZMP) takes place every four years on an exact schedule specified in the County Code. Any citizen may request a zoning change on any property in the County, although the usual participants in the process are individual landowners, contract purchasers, community organizations, County staff, the Planning Board and the County Council.

The CZMP covers a period of approximately 12 months and results in zoning decisions that are reflected in a final log of issues. Ultimately, the County Council decides on each issue whether to retain the existing zoning or to enact a different zone(s) or district(s). Generally, each issue is a single property, but an issue may cover many adjoining properties and might even cover many hundreds of acres. The zoning on all properties which were not issues is re-enacted without change.

CZMP 2020 starts with the public pre-filing period that begins on August 19, 2019. Additional information about the process, including filing dates, fees, and hearing schedules will be posted when available.

Should you have any questions, please contact us:

Department of Planning
105 West Chesapeake Avenue, Suite 101
Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone: 410-887-3480

Revised August 19, 2019         


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