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Land Preservation

Baltimore County is a national leader in land preservation. It has consistently ranked in the top 10 counties for land preserved. Building on the first easement of 34 acres in 1975, the County now has over 68,000 acres of protected farmland, waterfront, stream valleys and natural lands. This successful effort is built upon the County’s growth management program, support for the farm industry and collaboration with the land preservation community.

For additional information, please take a look at our Easement Locator to see the progress the County has made preserving agricultural and forested land. Additionally, you can learn more about our work by reading our regulations and policies and our frequently asked questions page. 

The Department of Planning is currently undertaking the Coastal Rural Legacy Area (CRLA) Remapping Community Engagement Project. A community engagement meeting for residents of Baltimore County’s southeastern communities will occur on December 14, you can find registration and more information on the event page



Land Preservation
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