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Master Plan 2030

The master plan is intended to guide the County Executive, the County Council, and County departments in promoting responsible development in an equitable and environmentally sensitive manner that promotes adequate open space to help secure a sustainable future for the residents of Baltimore County.

Master Plan 2030 Hub

Your input is critical to ensuring the Master Plan 2030 reflects the vision and needs of everyone who lives, works and visits Baltimore County.  As input is gathered, consistent themes become evident and are incorporated into the plan, as well as the decision making process. Visit our Master Plan 2030 Hub to sign up for email updates by selecting “Join” at the top of the hub page. 


Master Plan 2030 will be built around the following principles:

  • Equity—Being inclusive in our decision-making, ensuring equitable distribution of resources and creating opportunity for all.
  • Sustainability—Ensuring the long-term sustainability of the County’s public and internal government infrastructure and safeguarding the County’s ecology and climate.
  • Vibrant Communities—Ensuring that all residents have access to high-quality, accessible and affordable housing, cultural and recreational opportunities in safe communities, while promoting responsible economic development.

With these three principles in mind, the County will use data and community input to develop goals and policies and define actions in the plan that meet the American Planning Association’s principles for sustainable places. The Master Plan is an opportunity for a creative range of possibilities in design and planning processes.


Master Plan 2030 efforts are underway. The timeline began in the winter of 2021 and will run through spring of 2022 with numerous public engagement opportunities. The timeline may be adjusted periodically.

  • Winter 2021—Data analysis, research and establishing themes.
  • Spring 2021—Kickoff of public engagement.
  • Fall 2021—Public engagement and feedback.
  • Winter 2021—Draft plan review and public feedback.
  • Spring 2022—Final plan produced.

Community Engagement Meetings

During the months of June and July we will be focused on gathering ideas to develop a vision for our County over the next 10 years. The community engagement meetings will focus on identifying and prioritizing important aspects of your community’s character to preserve, enhance, transform or strengthen in Master Plan 2030.

To view upcoming meeting details, select from the list below.

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