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Department of Public Works
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Sewer Service Charge

This charge is assessed to recover the cost of treatment and transportation of wastewater and the disposition of its by-products.

Every property connected to the Metro District sewer system, which has a separate property tax identification number, will be charged based on the volume of water consumed during the prior calendar year as reported by Baltimore City's water department. The current rate, effective July 1, 2010, is $39.48 per 1000 cubic feet of water, with a minimum annual charge of $70 .

Properties with private wells, and properties where a master water meter serves multiple properties, such as condominiums, may be charged based on plumbing fixtures.

This is an annual user charge and can only be removed upon receipt of a permit that shows the property connection to the sewer system has been capped off.

Revised May 19, 2014

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