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The Metropolitan District charges are authorized by the Baltimore County Code 2015, Article 20 and the Executive Order.

To find out where water and sewer mains are located in relation to your property, call 410-887-2423.

Sewer Service Charge

The sewer service charge is an annual user fee billed on the July 1 Property Tax bill. It is assessed to recover the cost of treatment and transportation of wastewater.

Every property connected to the Metro District sewer system, which has a separate property tax identification number, will be charged based on the volume of water consumed during the prior calendar year, January 1 to December 31, as reported by Baltimore City Bureau of Water and Wastewater. Properties with private wells and properties where a master water meter serves multiple properties, such as condominiums, may be charged based on plumbing fixture rates.

This charge can only be removed upon receipt of a permit that shows the property connection to the sewer system has been capped off.

Water Distribution Charge

The water distribution charge is a flat annual fee billed on the July 1 Property Tax bill that provides funds for repairs and maintenance of major facilities such as pumping stations, transmission mains and storage facilities. Charges are determined by the size of the meter servicing the property. Rates vary based on the property type.

This charge begins when the water meter is applied for in the Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections. It is an annual user fee and can only be removed once an application to abandon the meter has been processed by the Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections.

Water and Sewer Benefit Assessments

Water and sewer benefit assessments, authorized by Baltimore County Code 2015, Section 20-3-201, are levied on all properties within the Metropolitan District, improved and unimproved, to recover the construction costs of installing water and sewer mains. The charges are on the annual July 1 Property Tax bill and are paid for a 40-year period.

Once applied, these charges remain constant unless there is a change to your property. Charges are based on the average width of the property. Review current rates.

Property Connection Charge

The water and sewer property connection charge is based on the actual cost of the connection from the water or sewer main to the property line. Properties that have access to existing mains should call the Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspection at 410-887-3900 for information on procedures.

Systems Connection Charge

The water and sewer connection charge is based on a five-eighths inch water meter. A larger meter will result in a higher charge.

  • Sewer Systems Connection Charge—$875
  • Water Systems Connection Charge—$575

This charge helps to defray the cost of the master facilities necessary to serve the property owners. These master facilities include filtration and treatment plants, large transmission lines, pumping stations and water towers. The master facilities enables the water and sewer systems to operate. The charges collected do not by themselves pay for the facilities. The balance of the cost is acquired through bonds issued by the Metropolitan District of Baltimore County. Revenues collected through these charges enables Baltimore County to keep the amount of debt financing (bond issues) to a minimum.

The charges above may be paid off at any time, decreasing the annual charges on the July 1 Property Tax bill.

Deficit Charge

Water and sewer deficit charges are the property owner's share of the difference between the actual cost of constructing the water or sewer mains and the revenue derived from the benefit assessments. These charges are based on the same average width footage used to calculate the benefit assessment; however, there is no standard rate per foot. The cost per foot is determined by actual contract costs and therefore will vary by contract. These charges are normally amortized over 40 years at the same interest rate as the true interest cost in the County's most recent issuance of Metropolitan District Bonds at the Final Notice of Special Assessment up to five percent.

Bay Restoration Fee

Waste material (effluent) discharged from wastewater treatment plants is one of the top three major contributors of nutrients entering the Bay—urban and agricultural runoffs are the other two. The State of Maryland established the Bay Restoration Fee (BRF) in 2004 to create a dedicated fund to upgrade Maryland’s wastewater treatment plants and enable septic system users to upgrade onsite systems and implement cover crops to reduce nitrogen loading to the Bay.

The Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) has the task of administering this program for the State of Maryland.

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