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Metropolitan charges are billed on the annual July 1 Property Tax bill. Rates below are effective July 1, 2023.

Properties are defined by the following three categories:

Sewer Service Rates

This is an annual user fee billed on the July 1 Property Tax bill. It is based on the amount of water used and is assessed to recover the cost of treatment and transportation of wastewater.

Water UsedResidentialCommercialIndustrial
Rate per 1,000 cubic feet$74.75$77.36$78.76
Minimum charge$147.00$152.17$154.88

Plumbing Fixture Rates

Properties with private wells and properties where a master water meter serves multiple properties such as condominiums, may be charged based on plumbing fixtures. The annual rate is based on the total of the fixture unit values as follows:

Fixture UnitsResidentialCommercialIndustrial
½ - 15 units$509.47$527.32$536.72
15 ½ - 25 units$713.70$738.72$751.88
25 ½ - 35 units$816.62$845.25$860.32
35 ½ - 50 units$1,173.26$1,214.40$1,236.04
50 ½ - 100 units$2,295.69$2,376.18$2,418.53
Each Unit Over 100 units$23.54$24.38$24.81

Water Distribution Rates

This is an annual flat fee based on the size of the meter servicing the property. It is billed on the July 1 Property Tax bill that provides funds for repairs and maintenance of major facilities such as pumping stations, transmission mains and storage facilities.

Meter SizeResidentialCommercialIndustrial
1 1/2"$666.50$689.86$702.17

Water And Sewer Benefit Assessment Rates

Water and sewer benefit assessments, authorized by Baltimore County Code 2015, Section 20-3-201, are levied on all properties within the Metropolitan District, improved and unimproved, to recover the construction costs of installing water and sewer mains. The charges are on the annual July 1 Property Tax bill and are paid for a 40-year period.

Once applied, these charges remain constant unless there is a change to your property. Charges are based on the average width of the property.

ClassificationBenefitPrincipal RateAnnual Rate (Pricipal and Interest)
Subdivision or ResidentialSewer$28.57 per foot$2 per foot
Subdivision or ResidentialWater$17.14 per foot$1.20 per foot
Small AcreageSewer$28.57 per foot$2 per foot (first 200 feet)
$1.35 per foot (second 200 feet)
$0.65 per foot (balance over 400 feet)
Small AcreageWater$17.14 per foot$1.20 per foot (first 200 feet)
$0.80 per foot (second 200 feet)
$0.40 per foot (balance over 400 feet)
BusinessSewer$44.29 per foot$3.10 per foot
BusinessWater$32.86 per foot$2.30 per foot

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