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Seasonal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Winter / Cold Weather Months

Q. What is the Baltimore County Code regulations referring to the removal of snow and ice ? 

A. Read the specific Baltimore County Code regulations referring to the removal of snow and ice.  To get to that information, please use the following steps...

1. Select Baltimore County Code.
2. On the Baltimore County Code of Ordinances screen, select "No Frames".
3. On the Baltimore County Code screen, in the Search field type in "snow and ice", and select "Search".
4. Select Title 3. Roads, Bridges and Sidewalks.
5. On the "Title 3. Roads, Bridges and Sidewalks" display, select "18-3-107 Removal of Snow and Ice".
6. The specific Baltimore County Code dealing with snow and ice should display. 

Summer / Warm Weather Months

Q. What is the Baltimore County ordinance regarding high grass ?

A. Complaints about high grass are handled by the Department of Permits and Development Management, Code Enforcement Section. They can be reached at 410-887-3352.

Note - Other questions not mentioned above having to do with a police matter can be answered  by contacting the Baltimore County Police Department by online form.

Revised November 15, 2007

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