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Night Card Information for Businesses

Business Owners

In an effort to better service the business community in Baltimore County, the Baltimore County Police Department (BCoPD) has an emergency contact program known as Night Card. This program enables us to contact you or your designated representative should a situation arise at your establishment after normal business hours. For example, an officer on patrol might notice an unlocked door or an open window. Or, the officer might want to confirm that a person in your establishment after normal business hours is authorized to be there.

Participation in this program is voluntary and there is no charge for this service. The information you provide is strictly confidential and will not be given to any person outside of BCoPD.

Night Card information at our precincts allows the BCoPD to serve the business community more efficiently and provides us with a more timely way to contact you after normal business hours should the need arise. I strongly encourage you to participate in the Night Card program.

If you have any questions, please contact your precinct.

Colonel Michael K. McCleese
Chief, Operations Bureau
Baltimore County Police Department

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Revised April 30, 2010

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