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A Message From the Chief of Police

James W. Johnson 

A message from Chief James W. Johnson.

As Chief of the Baltimore County Police Department, I want to welcome you to our web page.

Whether you are just curious about the agency, or looking for specific facts or details, I think you will find a great deal of valuable information here. I think you will also find it complements our other online activities, such as our YouTube page and the Police Information Network.

The web is just one demonstration of how we use technology to advance the agency’s mission. Technology is also a vital part of our efforts to enforce the law and keep the public safe.

Using data driven policing we are able to spot crime trends as they are beginning to develop and we are able to precisely target communities that have been victimized by criminals. With this information, we can then deploy our officers and resources in the most effective and efficient way.

Technology is also a vital part of our efforts to fight cyber crimes, such as identity theft and child pornography. Criminals have adapted technology to break the law. We are responding with technology to enforce the law.

But our emphasis on technology has not cut this agency off from its community policing roots. We recognize the importance of our ongoing partnerships with the people we serve. Through programs like the Police Athletic League, Citizens on Patrol, and Police Community Relations Councils we are always in touch and involved with citizens throughout the county.

The information provided to you on this web site is just one of the many ways we reach out to the public. But please remember, the web provides two-way communication. We want to hear from you, and we hope you will use this web site to let us know what is on your mind.

This is Chief Jim Johnson - Thank you.       

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Revised June 13, 2011

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