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Community Programs at the Precincts 

Business Patrol Initiative (BPI)
The Business Patrol Initiative provides a precinct-based resource to the business community in Baltimore County. They develop lasting relationships in the business community by maintaining an open dialogue with business representatives.

Citizens On Patrol
Citizens On Patrol, or C.O.P. as they are commonly referred to, are organized groups of citizens who volunteer their time to patrol their neighborhoods.

Community Outreach Team (COT)
The Community Outreach Unit provides a precinct-based resource to support community problem solving efforts. The unit develops and executes strategies that promote crime prevention as well as police and community cooperation and communication.

Domestic Violence Coordinators and Referral
The Domestic Violence Coordinators (DVC) serve as a resource to the precinct patrol units by providing expertise in the area of domestic violence investigations and referrals. They conduct follow-up investigations to ensure that victims are aware of all of the resources that are available to them and provide support to the victim throughout the criminal justice process.

Juvenile Offenders In Need of Supervision (JOINS)
This worthwhile program helps to divert juvenile offenders from a life of crime.
The mission of the JOINS program is to prevent juvenile delinquency by diverting first-time non-violent offenders, or those youth deemed to be at the beginning of a pattern of delinquency.

Police Community Relations Council  (PCRC)
Most police precincts within Baltimore County have an active Police Community Relations Council. The councils consist of community leaders, interested citizens, and representatives of the local business community.

Police Explorers
This non-profit organization helps to provide young participants an introduction into law enforcement.
The Baltimore County Police Explorer Program is set up as an introduction to various phases of law enforcement. It is sponsored by the Baltimore County Police Department and chartered annually through the Exploring/Learning for Life Division of the Boy Scouts of America. The program functions locally under the auspices of the local Boy Scout Council.

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