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Baltimore County Police Officers at attention.

Baltimore CountyPolice Department

BCoPD’s mission is the enforcement of the laws/ordinances of Maryland and Baltimore County, the protection of life, property and the rights of all citizens; prevention and detection of crime; and the preservation of the peace. Our organizational values are "integrity...fairness...service."

Most Popular Services

Police News

View news from the Police Department or your local precinct crime blotter for the latest news on crime in your area.


Reporting Emergencies, Crimes and Tips

Call 911 for an immediate police response to emergencies and crimes in progress.

Reporting Non-Emergencies

You may report suspicious activity and neighborhood concerns, such as abandoned vehicles, parking violations, zoning-related issues or any requests for assistance that do not require an immediate response. We encourage good faith reporting of information regarding a crime or a wanted person. You may request to remain anonymous, however BCoPD reserves the right to contact you to verify or clarify the information you provide, and shall make a reasonable effort to maintain your anonymity.

By Phone

When calling the non-emergency police response phone number, 410-887-2222, your call will be screened to see if it qualifies for telephone reporting. If your call qualifies, you will be advised that your request meets the criteria for telephone reporting and that you will receive a return call from a staff member of the telephone reporting unit.

Submit a Tip Online

iWatch is a neighborhood awareness program created to encourage citizens to be vigilant in identifying and reporting suspicious behaviors that may have connections to crime, security threats and possible terrorist activities. If you see or know of something suspicious, submit your tips for non-emergency situations by emailing your tip to or by submitting a tip online. 


Note: Pursuant to Maryland law it is a crime to make false statements and/or misuse electronic communication. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Claiming Lawfully-Seized Property

Property of this kind is in the possession of BCoPD because it may have been lawfully-seized, abandoned or stolen. To claim property:

  1. Speak to the investigating officer assigned to your case, they are responsible for having your property released.
  2. If the property is not needed as evidence, this officer will notify the Evidence Management Unit, who will send you a letter with instructions regarding how to pick up your property.
  3. You have 30 days after notification by Evidence Management to retrieve your property. You must present a government photo ID and the letter mailed to you by Evidence Management.
  4. After 30 days, seized property is considered unclaimed, at which time it will either be destroyed or publically auctioned online.


  • Strategic Plan— A road map for BCoPD's future service to the citizens of Baltimore County. 
  • Deployment of Cell Site Simulators—Read information on the deployment of cell site simulators that is available in compliance with the law. This report is required by Chapters 222 and 223 of the General Assembly (MSAR #12443). The accreditation badge.
  • Annual Reports—Showcase some of the activities, accomplishments and achievements of the department during each year.

Request Training

To request BCoPD training, existing officers should complete the training request form.

Contact Us

Search the table below to find contact information related to a specific division, topic or type of crime/investigation.

Division/TopicContact Information
Office of the Chief410-887-2200
Arson 410-887-4870
Auto/Car Crimes
Auxiliary Police 410-887-7365
Budget Management 410-887-3687

Conflict Resolution/Mediation

Conflict Resolution Center

Crimes Involving

Crime Strategies and Analysis


Criminal Investigations

Cyber/Online Crimes410-887-2190
Evidence Management

700 East Joppa Road
Towson, Maryland 21286

Financial Crimes410-887-2190

Fingerprinting Services
This service is not provided to the public.

View a list of fingerprinting service providers.



Hazardous Devices


Homeland Security


Homicide and Missing Persons

Identity Theft 410-887-2190
Internal Affairs410-887-2300






Special: 410-887-7353
Support: 410-887-6010


Professional Standards Bureau410-887-2220
Public Affairs410-887-2210
Safe Schools443-809-6487
Technology and Communications410-887-2819

Traffic Management


Violent Crimes410-887-6286

Contact Us

Police Headquarters

Public Safety Building
700 East Joppa Road
Towson, Maryland 21286


Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



General Police Information:





Chief of Police

Dennis Delp