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Commercial Fire Alarm Certificate Requirements

Baltimore County Fire Code requires that all fire alarm installations and maintenance of all fire alarm systems, with the exception of single- and multi-family dwellings, be in compliance with the requirements of the Fire Prevention and Building codes of Baltimore County and shall be installed by a fire alarm contractor listed by Underwriters Laboratory Inc. (U.L.) or other nationally recognized testing laboratory.

Certificate Requirements

Fire alarm systems installed by non-U.L. listed companies will not be accepted by the Fire Department.

  • Fire alarm certification is required on all new commercial fire alarm installations.
  • Any changes (additions or subtractions) to an existing certified system must be recertified upon completion.
  • The only time a recertification is not necessary would be if, for example, the location of a strobe or pull station was changed without adding or subtracting any elements of the system.
  • A separate electrical permit is required for any commercial fire alarm system. Upon completion, a certificate from the NRTL is required.

Revised November 17, 2014

Revised April 6, 2016         


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