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Registrations and Licenses Expiring on June 30

Your Baltimore County Electrical Contractor Registration or your Restricted Low Voltage License is due to expire on June 30, 2022. Baltimore County has implemented a new online system this year for payment. After you pay online, you must send in renewal information with your proof of payment. If you do not have a state license, you must apply for an Electrical Restricted Low Voltage License. These licenses will continue to expire every two years on June 30 thereafter.

No person shall install, repair, maintain or erect any of the electrical apparatus or devices listed below without having obtained a license as required by the County.

  • Appliances
  • Conduits
  • Electrical wiring
  • Elevators 
  • Fixtures
  • Heating equipment that is electrically-operated
  • Machinery
  • Motors
  • Signs
  • Any other electrical apparatus or device in or about any premises in Baltimore County

Exceptions to those persons include:

  • Utility companies regulated by the state public service commission
  • Persons making minor repairs and replacements to existing wiring or equipment in their own home
  • Radio and electronic experimenters and amateurs where no change in existing wiring is necessary, unless changes are authorized by the County's Electrical Administrative Board, and in each case the applicant must file an application with the Department for a permit and inspections
  • Employees of the United States government, when engaged in performance of their official duties only
  • Persons working under the supervision of a master general electrician or under the supervision of a specified representative

Renew Your Electrical Registration or Restricted Low Voltage License

To renew your electrical license, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log In to the Payment Portal

    Go to the online payment portal. You will be asked to create an account or log in. Note: If you have previously obtained a pet license or registered a rental property, you may already have a username and password. Use your existing username and password. If you do not have one, you must register.

  2. Review Your Account Information

    Once you are signed in and your profile is set up, review the information in My Account to confirm that all of your personal and contact information is correct.

  3. Begin the Renewal

    Select Online Payments, then go to the Transaction Type field. From the dropdown options in that field, select the transaction type you'd like to complete—Electrical Registration Renewal or Electrical Restricted Low Voltage.

  4. Enter Your Registration or License Number

    In the Reference field, enter your registration or license number. Example: MG00000 or RV000.

  5. Enter the Fee Owed

    In the Payment Amount field, enter the fee you owe:

    • Electrical Contractor Registration Renewal: $120
    • Electrical Restricted Low Voltage License: $130
  6. Save and Confirm Your Information is Correct

    Move on to Step 2 in the payment portal. This will populate your information. Select Continue Application and review all of your information to ensure that it is correct.

  7. Pay Fees

    Move on to Step 3 in the payment portal. Enter your payment information to pay the fees and complete your checkout.

  8. Receive Confirmation Email

    Once you have completed the transaction and your payment has processed, you will receive a confirmation email as proof of your license or registration renewal. This email serves as your receipt—be sure to keep it in a safe place.

  9. Complete Form

    Download and complete the Application for Electrical License Registration or Low Voltage License.

  10. Send in Your Form and Supporting Documents

    Mail or hand deliver your completed form along with the following:

    • A copy of your driver's license
    • A copy of your current State of Maryland electrical license
    • A copy of your online payment receipt

Request Changes to Your Electrical License

To update the information on your electrical license, you may either mail or deliver in-person the detailed changes you would like made, including phone numbers, on your letterhead with your signature, to the Electrical Inspection office to be reviewed. In some cases, additional fees are required. Failure to report this information immediately could result in a hold on the issuance of permits.

Types of Electrical Registration and Licenses

Search a list of Maryland Licensed Electricians. Current licenses will expire on June 30, 2022 (every two years). All State licensed Master Electricians must be registered in Baltimore County to conduct work. 

About the Licensing Exam

Examinations are based on the 2020 National Electric Code, open-book and are held in Room G-24. Low Voltage Restricted license exams occur monthly and are three hours in duration. 

How to Apply

Complete the application for examination and submit to the Electrical Administrative Board 30 days prior to the date of the examination. Applications will not be considered unless accompanied by:

  • Required letters of reference with license holder’s number—Substantiated evidence, qualification and character must be submitted
  • Certified copies of work record—Verification is required on employer’s letterhead and must be signed by the representation of the Company
  • Examination fee of $40
  • A copy of Driver's license

How to Protect Your License

Former employees, general contractors and others who have access to your permits also have access to your license number and can use it without your permission to secure a permit. The permit office assumes that the signature on the permit application is yours and does not have the means to verify this, so it is incumbent on you to take appropriate measures to protect this information.

Oftentimes a contractor or property owner will ask a licensed contractor to obtain a permit with a promise to hire them, but will then give the electrical work to an unlicensed contractor, who, representing themself as an employee of the permit holder, will call the County requesting the permit number, get it illegally and schedule inspections. The licensee who pulls the permit only realizes that this has happened when they receive a phone call or a correction notice from Baltimore County for electrical violations on the job.

How the County Is Helping

Baltimore County has changed its procedures to address the above issues.

The County will not issue your permit number to anyone without a written request from you on your letterhead, or with valid identification (current driver's license or a Maryland State identification card) and your permission. Requests for permit numbers must be faxed on company letterhead to 410 853-1892 and we will contact you using the phone number in your license file.

Only the licensee and no more than two individuals whose names are listed in your file will be permitted to pick up permits or conduct other business involving your license. You may submit those names either in letter form or on company letterhead, and the request must be signed by the licensee. These may be faxed to 410-853-1892, mailed, or hand-delivered to our office. Those persons obtaining permits should be prepared to show valid identification. Changes may be made periodically as to the persons named in the license file. 

Contact Information

For licensing issues, email Jenn Crizer at

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