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Code Enforcement Complaints

Code Enforcement investigates code and zoning violations in Baltimore County. Examples of commonly reported violations include rodent or insect infestations; high grass; illegal structures; abandoned vehicles; improperly stored trash or garbage; and defective roofs, windows, doors or fences.

File a Complaint Online

To report a code violation, select one of the six categories below. Your name, phone number and email address are required when filing a complaint online.

  • Code Enforcement Complaints
    Examples: rats, tall grass or weeds, abandoned vehicle, vacant property, unsanitary conditions, trash or debris in yard
  • Building Complaints
    Examples: work without a building permit, failure to obtain inspection, unsafe structure
  • Electrical Complaints
    Examples: work without electrical permit, working without license, dangerous conditions
  • Grading Complaints
    Examples: grading without permit, failure to comply with approved plan, mud on roadway

Code Enforcement Complaint Status

Search a complaint online by case number, case type, street address or date submitted.

You may also call Code Enforcement to check complaint status at 410-887-3351. If you mailed or faxed your complaint, please allow five working days before checking status.

Revised October 23, 2020         


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