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The Rat Control and Treatment program enforces County regulations addressing the root causes of rodent infestation. Rats are a community problem that must be addressed by all residents. When a rat infestation exists at one location it may easily spread to adjacent properties.

As specified in the Baltimore County Code Section 13-7-305; 306, each resident is responsible for keeping their property free of rat harborage. If you find that you have rats on your property, it is recommended that you consult with a professional exterminator. To report rats on another property or report a property with conditions conducive to rats, you can submit a complaint online. When filing the complaint, you must provide the exact address of the property.

Rats typically live where they feel secure and have a food source. Please take the following steps to aid in the rat eradication efforts:

  • Store all trash/garbage in cans with tight fitting lids at all times. 
  • Replace all defective trashcans that are broken or have holes in them.
  • Don’t feed the animals or birds outside.
  • Remove animal feces immediately. 
  • Remove any accumulated bulk items from the yard. 
  • Stack your firewood 18 inches off the ground. 
  • Inspect your property on a routine basis to check for signs of rats or rat burrows.

Find additional facts and information about the Norway rat by visiting or

Rat Eradication Program

Baltimore County’s rat eradication program works with community associations and residents to address rodent concerns. Fortunately, many rodent infestations can be resolved without the need for entire neighborhood extermination through the distribution of educational materials to residents and various code enforcement techniques. Because of this, not all neighborhoods will require or receive extermination.

If it is determined your neighborhood does require extermination, treatment will be performed by a licensed extermination company. Signs stating contact information and the start date of the extermination will be placed throughout your neighborhood. You may also choose to opt out of treatment by completing a waiver form.

When a property is inspected by the exterminator for potential treatment, a colored ribbon will be tied to the fence to indicate whether treatment was necessary.  A red ribbon tied to the fence is to indicate that the property was treated by the exterminator. A yellow ribbon indicates that there was no rat activity found on the property.  Only properties with visible signs of a rat infestation will be treated. 

Request for Community Rat Eradication 

All requests must be sent to Code Enforcement via email at Once the request has been sent, Baltimore County will survey your neighborhood and help plan the best course of action. All requests must be completed by the neighborhood community association and contain the following:

  • Neighborhood or Association name
  • Contact information for association president or representative
  • Neighborhood boundaries
  • Day of trash pickup

If you live in a neighborhood without a community association, please call 410-887-3351.

Baltimore County contracted exterminators: 

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