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The Bureau of Plumbing and Gasfitting Inspections is a division of the Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections and is responsible for:

  • Enforcing the following codes. Learn more about the plumbing and gasfitting code.
    • 2015 National Standard Plumbing Code
    • 2015 National Fuel Gas Code
    • 2014 Liquefied Petroleum Code
    • Plumbing and Gasfitting Code of Baltimore County
    • Council Bill No. 41-15
    • Article 21, Title 15 of the Baltimore County Code
  • Inspecting work performed by licensed plumbers and gasfitters to ensure conformity with the plumbing and gasfitting codes
  • Investigating plumbing- and gas-related complaints
  • Interacting with contractors, engineers and property owners to answer code compliance questions
  • Administering exams for plumbing, gasfitting and disposal contractor for licensing new applicants in compliance with the Baltimore County Code regulation
  • Issuing licenses and certificates for plumbers, gasfitters, contractors (i.e. on-site utility, disposal system, water pumps), as well as liquid propane reciprocal certificates.

Schedule, Reschedule or Cancel an Inspection

All plumbing and gasfitting work requires a permit and inspection. You and your contractor should coordinate your inspection requests so that they can be provided in a timely manner. Learn more about how to schedule, reschedule or cancel an inspection.

Your Area Inspector

Reference the Plumbing and Gasfitting Inspectors' district map for the inspector assigned to your area:

  • Eric Bell
  • Clarence Bragg
  • Steve Hiatt
  • John Kruger
  • Christopher Liberto
  • David Magness
  • Jeffrey Utz
  • Tom Wollenweber

Plumbing and Gasfitting Permits

Learn more about plumbing and gasfitting permits.

License And Certificate Information

Baltimore County has expanded the online application process. Applications for exams, new reciprocal and renewal licenses and certificates must be completed online. Learn more about plumbing and gasfitting licensing and certification.

The Department of Permits, Approval and Inspections publishes plumbing codes, forms and applications used for plumbing inspections, plumbing licenses and examinations, etc.

Important Notices and Forms

Additional License Applications and Forms

Explore Plumbing and Gasfitting Inspections


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Plumbing and Gasfitting Inspections

County Office Building
111 West Chesapeake Avenue
Room G24
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Monday through Friday
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Chief Plumbing Inspector

Karl Kehring


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