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A permit is required for all plumbing and gasfitting work. Only a Baltimore County licensed plumber and gasfitter contractor can apply for a plumbing/gasfitting permit.

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Required Documents

A building permit number is required, if applicable, and must be listed on the application.

The applicant will need to know:

  • If the property is connected to public water/sewer or well/septic and if the connection is existing or new
  • The number of fixtures that are new, replace/reconstruct, or removed, for each section on the application

The following documents are required when submitting a plumbing permit application:

  • For an onsite water, sewer/storm application—Site plans with details of onsite work, including lateral connections.
  • For a septic system repair or replacement application—Septic system permit requirement sheet. Contact Groundwater Management prior to submitting a plumbing permit application.
  • For proposed propane tanks on properties served by well and septic systems—A contractor certification must be signed and submitted with the plumbing permit applications.

Types of Contractors that Can Apply

Only a Baltimore County licensed plumbing or gasfitting contractor can apply for a plumbing or gasfitting permit. Exceptions include:

  • Propane Gasfitters: Baltimore County recognizes and honors insured-to-work Propane Gasfitter Certificates
  • Pump Installers
  • Water Conditioner
  • Well Drillers

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Apply for a Permit

Once you have reviewed the process outlined above and have gathered your required documentation, apply for your permit online using the buttons below.


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