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Learn about the processes for some of the most frequently asked questions our department has received regarding the online permit processing application.

Creating an Account

Watch the tutorial video on how to create an account.

  1. Navigate to the Baltimore County Online Permit Application tool and select the Create Account button.
  2. Enter your email address, select Submit. An email will be sent with a link to complete the account setup.
  3. Open the email, select the link to complete your registration form. Note: If email is not in your inbox, check your SPAM folder. If in SPAM, mark unread before selecting the link.
  4. Enter your account details and password.

Adding a Contractor to a Permit

Watch the tutorial video on how to create an application.

  1. A contractor is added in the Create Application section of the Baltimore County Online Permit Application.
  2. In the Search and Add Contractors section, enter the contractor name in the search box. The system will return a list of contractors.
  3. Select the contractor and the system will highlight in red. Then select the Add button to select the contractor. The contractor will be listed in the Selected Contractors section.

Attaching Documents to a Permit Application

Watch the tutorial video on how to create an application. Documents are uploaded as a final step in the creating an application in the Baltimore County Online Permit Application.

  1. After accepting the terms and conditions, the Document Upload window opens.
  2. On the Plan Documents tab, scroll down, select the Browse button to select your files.
  3. Highlight the files to be added, select Open. The files are added to the Upload Documents window.
  4. For each file, select a discipline from the drop down list to describe your uploaded document type.
  5. Select the Upload button.
  6. A disclaimer pop-up appears. approve the disclaimer by selecting the Yes button.
  7. Select the Submit for Review button.
  8. When all files have been submitted, select the in the upper right corner of the Document Upload window.

Paying Fees Online

Watch the tutorial video on how to pay fees.

  1. Log in to the Baltimore County Online Permit Application. The My Dashboard page displays.
  2. Select the Applications with Fees Due box at the top middle of the My Dashboard window.
  3. Scroll to the My Fees section, find the permit number and scroll to the right to the Actions section. You will see a magnifying glass icon and credit card icon.
  4. To pay the fees, select the credit card icon. Note: Baltimore County only accepts Mastercard, Visa and Paypal electronic payments online.
  5. To view details for the fees, select the magnifying glass icon.

Finding and Reviewing Comments Related to Your Permit

Watch the tutorial video on the permit application review and revisions process. There are two ways to view comments and revisions required for your permit in your Baltimore County Online Permit Application portal.

Locate the permit on the My Dashboard page. select the Expand icon next to the permit, select the Actions (magnifying glass) icon. This opens the Permit Application Info page.

  1. From the Plan Review section:
    1. Select the Open Plan Review button.
    2. From the Upload Documents screen, select the Review Documents tab.
    3. Download the documents for review. Review the comments and feedback letter, documenting needed updates. Review the markups of submitted plans and documents.
  2. From the Tasks section:
    1. Scroll to the Tasks section. If there are comments for review, you will see an Action (magnifying glass) icon in the Comments field to the right of the task’s Date Completed field.
    2. Select the magnifying glass to see the comments.

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