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Circuit Court General Information

Clerk's Office
County Courts Building
401 Bosley Avenue, Second Floor
Towson, Maryland 21204

Phone: 410-887-2601
Administrative Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

About the Circuit Court

The Circuit Court is the highest common law and equity court of record exercising original jurisdiction within Maryland. The court has full common law and equity powers and jurisdiction in all civil, juvenile and criminal cases within the County and all the additional powers and jurisdiction conferred by the Constitution and by law.

The Circuit Court also may decide appeals from the District Court and certain administrative agencies. This court is responsible for hearing all major felony cases—including death penalty cases–as well as all criminal misdemeanor cases in which there is a request for a jury trial. All civil claims are heard in this court exclusively involving disputes over $20,000 in addition to all matters pertaining to divorce, custody, child support and visitation.

District Court

The District Court of Maryland is responsible for all traffic matters, civil matters under $10,000 (including small claims disputes) and all criminal misdemeanor cases. Both the Circuit Court and District Court have mutual jurisdiction over civil matters, where the amount in dispute is between $10,000 and $20,000, and all domestic violence petitions.

Contact By Department

You can find more information about the status of your case by calling the Clerk of the Court for Baltimore County at the following numbers:

  • Adoption: 410-887-3069
  • Assignment: 410-887-2660
  • Child Support: 410-887-7670
  • Civil: 410-887-2622
  • Criminal: 410-887-2625
  • Expungement: 410-887-3090
  • Family Law: 410-887-2614
  • Foreclosure: 410-887-2652
  • Juvenile: 410-887-3836
  • Land Records: 410-887-3088
  • License: 410-887-2607
  • Trusts: 410-887-3469

Contact By Case Type

  • Small Claims Information (i.e. traffic tickets, landlord or tenant matters, etc.)
    Phone: 410-512-2000
  • Child Support Division
    Phone: 1-800-332-6347 and follow the prompts
  • Circuit Court Family Law Cases (i.e. divorce, etc.)
    Phone: 410-887-2614
  • Civil Cases
    Phone: 410-887-2622
  • Criminal Cases
    Phone: 410-887-2625
  • Judgments
    Phone: 410-887-2622
  • Land Records
    Phone: 410-887-3088 or search for records through the Maryland State Archives. 
  • Legal Liens
    Phone: 410-887-3088
  • Birth or Death Certificates
    The State government's Vital Statistics Administration maintains birth and death records.

Become a Notary Public

  1. The address of residence determines which county will issue the commission.
  2. An application must be made through the Secretary of State. Call 410-974-5521 to request applications.
  3. Upon notification from the Secretary of State, you will be directed to Circuit Court to be sworn in.


The fee is $11 for the Secretary of State and $11 for the Clerk of the Court.

Parking Information

The County Courts Building is located at 401 Bosley Avenue between Pennsylvania and Chesapeake Avenues. Parking garages are located one block south of at 100 West Susquehanna Avenue and 110 West Susquehanna Avenue. There are also two-hour, metered spots outside of the Courts Building and the Courthouse.

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