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Differentiated Case Management Plans

The Circuit Court is required by Maryland Rule § 16-302 (b) to implement case management plans for the prompt and efficient scheduling and disposition of actions in the court. Each plan includes a system of differentiated case management (DCM) through which actions are classified according to complexity, priority and the resources required. Cases are then assigned to a scheduling category based on that classification. The majority of cases filed in the Circuit Court are categorized as criminal, civil, family or juvenile.

The DCM plans outline the caseload management system for each case type and provide general guidelines on how cases are processed in this Court. All of the DCM plans have been approved by the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals and the Circuit Court for Baltimore County makes every effort to update the DCM plans to reflect legislative, rule and policy changes.

View the DCM plans below. The following links are PDFs that open in a new window.

Notice of Civil Track Assignment and Scheduling Order

Circuit Court for Baltimore County
Civil Assignment Office
Courts Building
401 Bosley Avenue
Post Office Box 6754
Towson, Maryland 21285-6754

Case Title: _______________________ Assignment Date:________________
Case No.:________________________

The above case has been assigned to the CIVIL STANDARD TRACK and it is hereby ORDERED, that this matter be referred for CIVIL MEDIATION (ADR) before the following Court-appointed Mediator:________________________________telephone: _______________, and it is further

ORDERED, that each party, through his/her counsel, is required to contact the Mediator within 15 days of this Order to arrange the date for the mediation, which must take place prior to the mediation conference date (ADR Deadline) set forth in this Scheduling Order below, and it is further

ORDERED, that the parties shall compensate the Mediator, based on a rate approved by the Court and all costs are to be divided equally by the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) in the case unless agreed otherwise or ordered by the Court (Note: If there are multiple parties, each party shall be responsible for a prorate portion thereof. For example, if there are two plaintiffs and one defendant and total costs of the mediation are $300, each plaintiff would be responsible for a fee of $75 each and the defendant would pay a fee of $150), and it is further

ORDERED, that the attached CIVIL MEDIATION INSTRUCTIONS are incorporated as part of this Order.

If you have any questions concerning your track assignment, please call Joy Keller at 410-887-3233. You must notify this coordinator within 15 days of the receipt of this Order as to any conflict with the following dates:

Scheduling Order

1. Motions to Dismiss under Md. Rule 2-322(b) are due by 15 days
2. Plaintiff's Expert Reports or Md. Rule 2-402(e) (1) Disclosures 90 days
3. Defendant's Expert Reports or Md. Rule 2-402(e) (1) Disclosures 120 days
4. Joinder of Additional Parties Deadline is 120 days
5. Dismissal Notice for unserved defendants (Md. Rule 2-507(B)) 120 days
6. Discovery must be completed by 165 days
7. All Motions (excluding Motions in Limine) are due by 180 days
8. Mediation (ADR deadline) must be completed by 180 days

County Administrative Judge

Special Assistance Needs: If any attorney or party who attends the mediation conference is in need of a sign language interpreter, please call the Court Administrator's Office beforehand at 410-887-2687 or call the Court's TDD line, 410-887-3018, or the Voice M.D. Relay Service 800-735-2258.

cc: All Attorneys
All Parties

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