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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates 
County offices are closed on Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day.

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TheCircuit Court

The Circuit Court for Baltimore County is the trial court of general jurisdiction. The Office of the Jury Commissioner is responsible for providing qualified jurors to the Circuit Court.

Notice to Criminal Attorneys Practicing in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County

Effective February 29, the Circuit Court will begin strictly enforcing Rule 4-2 l 4(a). Read the notice.


Current Status

May 26, 2024


Circuit Court

The Circuit Court for Baltimore County is operating on a normal schedule.


COVID-19 Status Updates

Maryland Courts have resumed normal operations, however the changes implemented in phase five will continue:

  • Mask wearing is optional and will not be required for anyone entering the courthouse.
  • Appointments will still be required in the Licensing Department for civil marriage ceremonies.
  • Schedule a virtual appointment with the Self-Help Office.

Learn more by selecting a specific case type below, or view the resumption of normal operations restart plan, the bar update on criminal processes or the response protocol for confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.

The Circuit Court is the designated court to hear:

  • All jury trials, criminal or civil
  • All matters pertaining to divorce, custody, child support and visitation
  • Criminal cases—Including felonies, District Court of Maryland appeals and certain administrative agencies (known as Judicial Review of agency decisions) and jury trial requests
  • Major civil cases over $30,000 in controversy
  • Major felony cases
  • Juvenile and family law cases
  • Both the Circuit and District Court have mutual jurisdiction over civil matters where the amount in dispute is between $10,000 and $20,000, and all domestic violence petitions

The Maryland Constitution and State law are the sources of the Circuit Court’s authority, powers and jurisdiction. 


The Circuit Court is closed on Court holidays.

  • Accessibility—There is handicapped metered parking on both Pennsylvania and Baltimore Avenues. Handicapped persons should enter by the ramp on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the building.
  • Criminal Case Postponement—The policy concerning postponement requests in criminal cases assists in rescheduling criminal matters.
  • Drop Box for Filings—A drop box is available at the entrance to the Circuit Court to accept any paper filing (during business hours) that is not required to be made electronically through MDEC.
  • Security—The Circuit Court for Baltimore County requires all employees, visitors, litigants, witnesses and attorneys to pass through a security checkpoint at the main entrance. Uniformed police officers on official duty, have a separate protocol.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices in Court Facilities

  • All electronic devices may be inspected by court security personnel.
  • Security or other court personnel may confiscate an electronic device for misuse.
  • The taking, recording, or transmitting of photographs, videos, or other images by cell phone or any other device is prohibited in the court facility at all times, unless the court expressly grants permission in a specific instance.
  • All electronic devices must remain off and inoperable inside the courtroom unless the court expressly grants permission in a specific instance.
  • Attorneys and other court personnel are permitted the reasonable and lawful use of electronic devices provided that the device makes no audible sound, is positioned so the screen is not visible by the trier of fact or witnesses, is not used to record and is not used to communicate with any other person during the proceeding without express permission of the court.
  • An electronic device may not be used in a manner that interferes with court proceedings or the work of court personnel or that violates any court order.
  • Security and other court personnel are not liable for any damage, misplacement or loss to electronic devices confiscated or collected.

Any individual who willfully violates Maryland Rule 16-208 or any reasonable limitation imposed by the County Administrative Judge or the presiding judge may be found in contempt of court and may be subject to sanctions in accordance with the Maryland Rules in Title 15, Chapter 200.

Provide Your Feedback

  • Customer Service Survey—Please take five minutes to tell us about your recent experience at a Maryland court.
  • Suggestions—If you have suggestions regarding any improvements to our court or physical facilities, send them via mail to our Court Administrator, Stephanie Medina, or via email to

Become a Notary Public

The fee is $11 for the Secretary of State and $11 for the Clerk of the Court.

  1. The address of residence determines which County will issue the commission.
  2. An application must be made through the Secretary of State. Call 410-974-5521 to request applications.
  3. Upon notification from the Secretary of State, you will be directed to the Circuit Court to be sworn in.

Contact Us

Search the table below to find contact information related to a specific division or case type. Please note that no office of the Court, can provide you with legal advice.

Division/Case TypeContact Information
Administrative Hearings410-229-4100






Bar Association410-337-9100
Birth/Death CertificatesSearch State records
Case Status
Child Support

Clerk's Office

  • Case information
  • Filing questions

County Courts Building, Second Floor
Phone: 410-887-2601
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Mailing Address:
Clerk's Office
P.O. Box 6754
Towson, Maryland 21285

Court Psychiatrist

Courtroom Clerks410-887-3414

Differentiated Case Management (DCM)

  • Schedule or postpone a hearing/conference
  • Questions regarding cases already scheduled for a hearing/conference

District Courts—Responsible for

  • Traffic matters
  • Civil matters under $10,000 (including small claims disputes)
  • Criminal misdemeanor cases


Family Law
Jury Office410-887-3596
Juvenile, Delinquency/CINA410-887-3836
Law Library410-887-3086
Lawyer Referral410-337-9100
Legal Aid Bureau410-296-6705
Legal Liens410-887-3088
Licenses (Business, Marriage, Notary Publics/Oaths)410-887-2607

Orphans Court

Plea Hearing Scheduling

Contact: Brittany Jackson, Criminal Case Manager
Phone: 410-887-2853

Public Defender Office410-324-8900
Reduced Fee Program


Register of Wills410-887-6680

Settlement Judges

Small Claims

  • Traffic tickets
  • Landlord/tenant matters

State's Attorney Office


Phone: 410-887-3469

Mailing Address:
Clerk's Office: Trust Division
P.O. Box 6754
Towson, Maryland 21285

Additional Resources

Contact Us

Circuit Court

Baltimore County Courts Building
401 Bosley Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204


Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Chief Administrative Judge