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Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) offers a wide range of exciting partnership and sponsorship opportunities in order to connect businesses and non-profits with the services our clients need and request. These opportunities provide the business community with target-marketing to BCDA's clients who are comprised of older adults, baby boomers, caregivers, families, adults with disabilities and professionals. BCDA is pleased to offer the following products for 2019:

Maximize your marketing dollars through opportunities with the BCDA. Whether you are a physician or business owner, BCDA can support your marketing vision and expand your scope. To explore the above opportunities or to discuss a more personalized marketing schema for your business or professional services, please call 410-887-2012.

"If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR."
—Bill Gates

*Community Resources is an annual regional publication printed in partnership with the Baltimore County Commission on Disabilities and Baltimore City Government.

Revised February 27, 2019         


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