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County Executive John A. Olszewski Jr. delivered the Proposed FY23 Budget Message—Watch The Recording 

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Dementia Friendly Baltimore County

More than 110,000 Maryland residents live with dementia and by 2025, this number is expected to increase to 130,000. Dementia is a general term for memory changes that create challenges in daily living, organizing, planning and communication. Alzheimer’s is the most common disease causing dementia, although there are others. 

Dementia Friendly Communities Defined

Increased awareness, innovative programming and resources help support persons living with dementia, memory challenges, Alzheimer’s, and their care partners, so that they can continue to create and experience meaningful lives. A dementia friendly community is informed, safe and respectful of these individuals across all sectors, so that they can access the resources they seek to experience a sense of belonging, purpose, well-being and home. These resources include:

  • Memory loss supports and services
  • Legal and financial planning services
  • Communities of faith
  • Banking institutions
  • Transportation, housing and public spaces
  • Neighbors and community members
  • Emergency planning and first response
  • Independent living and community engagement
  • Business and employers
  • Care throughout the continuum

Equity, Access and Inclusion in Baltimore County

Dementia Friendly America logo.

Dementia Friendly Baltimore County has joined the Dementia Friendly America network and is working closely with Age-Friendly Baltimore County to align their efforts, ensuring that persons of all ages, cultures, abilities and interests can access the resources they need to create the life they choose. With this "Better Together" approach, supported by both AARP and Dementia Friendly America, Dementia Friendly Baltimore County invites individuals from all sectors to join in these vibrant efforts to make all domains of living both age and dementia friendly.  

How to Participate

Leadership Group

Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) is coordinating and supporting a Dementia Friendly Baltimore County leadership group, comprised of representatives from all corners of our community and all walks of life. This group helps identify and guide the initiative’s priorities and implementation.

Attend a Free Group Session

BCDA is now offering free, one-hour, group sessions to raise awareness and understanding about dementia and to learn how together we can better support those living with dementia. Request your own session for your workplace, faith community, fitness center, family or friends; or join our monthly, virtual Dementia Friends sessions held on the first Tuesday of every month, from noon to 1:15 p.m. To register, email

Become a Local Advocate

Become a local dementia friendly advocate by organizing your local neighborhood, work or volunteer place, through support from Dementia Friendly America and its resources, which include a toolkit, sector guides, videos and more. 

Start a Memory Café

Memory cafés exist virtually and in-person at restaurants, senior centers, libraries and other community sites. Toolkits for starting a café and free consultations are also available.

Faith-Community Conversation Series

Join our "Faithful Memory-Making Conversation" series for faith communities, to learn and share about ways to create dementia-friendly worship to ensure you are including and supporting everyone in your faith community, including those with different memory abilities and cognitive challenges, as well as their families and friends. Contact us if you are interested in holding an in-person, virtual or hybrid session.

Upcoming Events

View a list of upcoming events below, or view the full calendar.

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