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Baltimore County has launched a partnership with Volunteer Solutions and the United Way to make finding volunteer opportunities even easier. Make a difference in your community by giving of your time, talents and experience. For many nonprofit and government agencies, the presence of volunteers is vital to successfully meeting their goals. Volunteering helps not just others but yourself as well by leading to new discoveries, new friends, and new interests.

2016 Volunteer Awards

The following awards were given out at the 2016 Annual Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Volunteer Recognition Luncheon. 

2016 RSVP Volunteer of the Year Award

Rick Frattali is the visionary behind the Jacksonville Senior Center's annual Train Garden, an educational holiday exhibition designed to visually highlight our nation’s railroads. Upon joining the Jacksonville Senior Center in 2010, Rick put together a core group of like-minded model train enthusiasts who over the years have developed a Christmas Holiday exhibition enjoyed by all who have had the opportunity of viewing it.

2016 RSVP Economic Opportunity Champion Award

Melvin (Mel) Hotz, State Health Insurance Program Medicare Counselor. Mel Hotz is one of those talented and focused individuals who bring a wealth of energy and experience to their volunteer role. Mel serves as a Medicare Counselor. He answers questions about the entire breadth of Medicare issues, listens and addresses caller concerns, helps navigate online applications, educates callers about original Medicare, and assists callers by sharing his extensive knowledge base. Since 2009, Mel has lent his time and attention to thousands of low-income seniors.

2016 RSVP Educational Services Champion Award

Ruth Miller is a retired schoolteacher who has returned to the classroom as a volunteer. Ruth’s knowledge base allows the primary class instructor the ability to expand the classroom experience. As a direct result of Ruth’s classroom involvement, the student receives an enriched classroom encounter. Ruth is an exemplary example of the many retired schoolteachers who have chosen to return to the classroom as volunteers. 

2016 RSVP Health and Wellness Champion Award

Andrew McCormick has been teaching Russian at the Jacksonville Senior Center since it first opened. Sharing his unique talent has allowed members the opportunity to test and exercise their memory, immerse themselves in a different culture and simply enjoy reading. Andrew has been tireless in his devotion and commitment to the community and has sparked interest in other languages. The center has since added French, English and Spanish classes. 

2016 RSVP Veteran and Military Families Service Champion Award

Jacksonville Senior Center knitting and crocheting group. The Jacksonville Senior Center has a group of 20 members who volunteer endless hours making handmade prayer shawls, blankets, hats, scarves and socks for military veterans and active duty service personnel. Gold Star Mothers, Walter Reed Hospital patients and local American Legions are the grateful recipients of these women’s efforts.   

RSVP Hunger Corps Volunteers Needed

RSVP Hunger Corps provides senior volunteers, aged 55 or older, an opportunity to join the fight against hunger in their community. Through unique partnerships with non-profit organizations and government agencies, volunteers are paired with local sites to support local anti-hunger initiatives and hunger service programs.

RSVP Hunger Corps volunteers serve in a variety of capacities including:

  • Providing nutrition education for at-risk communities
  • Serving free meals to children in after school and summer programs
  • Stocking and sorting food at local food pantries
  • Sustaining and supporting community gardens
  • Providing outreach and enrollment assistance for SNAP (formally Food Stamps)
  • Serving meals at local soup kitchens and emergency shelters
  • Volunteers make their own schedules, deciding how often and for how long they would like to volunteer, at one of the many volunteer sites located throughout Baltimore County.

If you are age 55 or older, and are interested in pursuing a fulfilling volunteer position to end hunger in Baltimore County, call RSVP at 410-887-3101 or email

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For more information about volunteer opportunities throughout Baltimore County, call 410-887-2715 or email today.

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Revised May 31, 2016        

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