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Volunteer Opportunities

Make a difference in your community by giving of your time, talents and experience. For many nonprofit and government agencies, the presence of volunteers is vital for them to be able to successfully meet their goals and missions. In addition, volunteering helps not just others, but yourself as well. Volunteering leads to new discoveries, new friends and new interests.

If you are age 55 or over, or if you wish to volunteer with an older population, you may contact the Department of Aging's Volunteer Office by calling 410-887-2715 or emailing volunteers@baltimorecountymd.govFor your convenience, we are including the Baltimore County Department of Aging Volunteer Application (PDF) for you to complete. Please complete page one plus the pages for each program where you would like to volunteer. Print out the application, sign it and mail it to:

RSVP Program
611 Central Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21204

Persons of any age who wish to volunteer may independently access the Volunteering in Baltimore County interactive matching website, which has volunteer opportunities to choose from in over 75 non-profit organizations and agencies. This partnership with Hands on Connect makes finding volunteer opportunities even easier.

Select the links below to learn more about volunteer programs within the Department of Aging.

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