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Francis Scott Key Bridge Incident Updates 
County offices are closed on Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day.

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Use My Neighborhood to find zoning classification, view prior zoning cases, and access other land use data. Zoning Review does not confirm zoning classification via phone or email.

Baltimore County Zoning Regulations (BCZR)

Here you can find the entire library of zoning regulations.

Residential Zones

New residential dwelling permits require an engineer-scaled and sealed site plan. The plan can be sealed by a professional engineer, surveyor or landscape architect.

Residential zoning includes single-family dwellings, multi-family houses, apartments and condos. Residential zones are either Density Residential (DR), Resource Conservation (RC) and Residential Office (RO).


Refers to the distance that the house or structure must be from the front, sides and rear property line. Setback requirements for principal dwellings can vary based on several factors (FDP, vested plat, variance, development year, etc.). View the setback requirements:

Accessory Structure/Building

Any structure on the same property as a principal dwelling, which is incidental to the use of the principal dwelling. Accessory structures/buildings require a minimum 2.5 feet setback from the rear and side property lines. The maximum height of an accessory structure/building, without a variance, is 15 feet. A side yard placement is allowed in RC6, RC7, and RC8 zones only. Accessory structures/buildings includes, pools, sheds, pole barns, and, fire pits. Read more on accessory structures/buildings.

Nonconforming Use

Nonconforming uses, or uses that existed lawfully prior to the current Baltimore County Zoning Regulations but are no longer permitted, or do not comply with current zoning regulations. A public hearing maybe required to confirm the existence of a nonconforming use.

Fence Requirements

Learn more about fence requirements.

Business and Manufacturing Zones

Below are a few common zoning classifications and the BCZR Section Number.

  • Residential Office (RO)—Section 204 OR-1 (Office Building-Residential) Section 205
  • Business, Local (BL)—Section 230 B.M. (Business, Major) Section 233
  • Business, Roadside (BR)—Section 236M.L.R. (Manufacturing, Light Restrictive) Section 248
  • Manufacturing, Light (ML)—Section 253 M.H. (Manufacturing, Heavy) Section 256

Permitted Uses: BCZR allows a use as either permitted by right or by special exception. If a use is not listed under either, it is prohibited.

Parking Requirements

Regulations that prescribes a specific amount of parking spaces to be provided based on the use of the property. See the BCZR for list of required parking spaces by use.

Sign Permits

Sign Permits are issued through and reviewed by the Zoning office. View the sign regulations.

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Explore Zoning Review


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