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A building permit is required for construction of any new commercial structure or shell. Residential structures with shared common spaces (i.e. condos, apartments, high/mid-rises) are also processed as commercial new structure or shell permits.

A separate permit is required to complete the interior of a core building. Issuance of a permit for a shell construction does not commit Baltimore County to issue any further permits.

Required Documents

You must provide the following when submitting your permit application.

  • Construction Plans—Signed and sealed by a registered design professional licensed by the State of Maryland. 
  • Site Plans
    • Must be a minimum of one inch equals 100 feet, engineer's scale.
    • If septic/well—Must show location of septic/well.
  • Data Sheets
  • If in a flood plain—Elevation Certificate for Final Construction. Use the Permit Review Tool to determine if the property is in a flood zone.
  • A separate permit is required for:
    • Electrical 
    • Plumbing 
  • If the limit of disturbance is greater than 5,000 square feet, a separate permit is required for grading.
  • If the property uses well or septic water:
    • Water Well Yield Test Results (well only)
    • Water Balance Assessment Results (well only)
    • Soil Percolation (Perc) Test Approval Letter (well or septic)
  • If property is located in the 3.3-mile radius of the Martin State Airport (MTN)—Airport Zoning Permit.

Note: Environmental Health Services (EHS) regulates the construction of food service facilities, adult healthcare and public swimming pools and supports the building permit review process. All construction plans, whether new construction or renovation, must be submitted for approval. The food plans review staff also examines Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Risk Assessments and the HACCP Manual. Review the Health Department Guidelines for required documents. Review the EHS fee schedule for fees.  

About the Application Process

To learn more about the application process, read the steps and watch the videos below, or view the FAQ or full tutorial video playlist.

 Apply for a Permit

Once you have reviewed the process outlined above and have gathered your required documentation, apply for your permit online using the buttons below.


This application should be submitted for projects involving food service or health care (i.e. restaurants, hospitals, medical daycares, assisted living centers or nursing homes), which require review by the Environmental Health Division.


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