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The fee schedule lists regulatory inspection process fees charged by the Department of Health.

Note: Civil penalties are assessed under §13-10-101(g) of the Baltimore County Code. 

Food Permit Fee TypesFee

High Priority Facility


Medium Priority Facility


Low Priority Facility


Farmer's Market Food Facility


On-Farm Food Service Facility


Temporary Permits

$35 per business day

Late Fees*

$14 per business day

Re-inspection for Closure – Regular Hours*


Re-inspection for Closure – After Hours*


Duplicate Permit


Reciprocity Permit**


*Refers to normal County days and hours of operation.
**Proration amount is $25 per month.

Plans Review Fee TypeFee

New High Priority Facility


New Medium Priority Facility


New Low Priority Facility


Remodel high Priority Facility


Remodel Medium Priority Facility


Remodel Low Priority Facility


Food Service Manager and Pool Operator CardsFee

Certified Food Manager Level I


Certified Food Manager Level II


Pool Operator


Replacement Cards


Public Swimming Pool and Bathing Beach**Fee

0 to 49,000 gallons, Pool


50,000 to 99,000 gallons, Pool


100,000 gallons or more, Pool


Public Beach


Late Fee of 50 percent of the permit after April 30


**The Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections collects the fees and issues the permits.

Health Facility InspectionFee

1 to 7 Beds


8 to 15 Beds


16 to 49 Beds


50 to 74 Beds


75 to 99 Beds


100 to 199 Beds


Assisted Living Facilities


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