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A building permit is required for construction of any new residential dwelling. Residential structures with shared common spaces (i.e. condos, apartments, high/mid-rises) are processed as commercial new structure or shell permits.

A separate permit is required for electrical and plumbing work.  As of October 1, 2023, all new single-family detached houses and duplexes (and some townhomes) that include a garage, driveway, or carport, must have one electric vehicle (EV) supply equipment or one EV-ready parking space. See Maryland Public Safety Code Annotated Section 12-205. When electrical applications are submitted for wiring of new housing units, you must include the EV wiring as a part of the application or provide documentation that the new housing unit is exempt from the requirement.

If the homeowner is not the contractor, the contractor must have a valid Maryland Home Builders Registration number (MHBR).

Required Documents

You must provide the following when submitting your permit application.

  • Construction Plans—Signed and sealed by a design professional licensed by the State of Maryland; required for submitted plans meeting the following design:
    • Construction that exceeds 3,000sf gross floor area, excluding a garage that does not have a room above it.
    • Construction that utilizes steel framing.
    • Permanent plans regardless of size.
    • Plan review of all floors, cross section and exterior elevations: front, left side, right side and rear view. View an example plan review.
    • Foundation grade and species of lumber and R factors, all to preferred 1/4-inch architectural scale
  • Site Plans— Signed and sealed by a design professional licensed by the State of Maryland. Plans will only be accepted from a Professional Engineer, Landscape Architect or Registered Land Surveyor
  • At a minimum of one inch equals 60 feet using an engineer's scale
  • Sediment Control Standard Plans—Used in lieu of engineered Sediment and Erosion Control Plans, approved by the Baltimore County Soil Conservation District for the following sites :
  • If dwelling is being constructed by homeowner—Affirmation of Landowner
  • If property is located in the 3.3-mile radius of the Martin State Airport (MTN)—Airport Zoning Permit.
  • If in a flood plain—Elevation Certificate for Final Construction. Use the Permit Review Tool to determine if the property is in a flood zone.
  • If the property uses well or septic water, review the Building with Well and Septic booklet for guidance and requirements.
  • Elevation Plans—For the Department of Planning (if applicable)

About the Application Process

To learn more about the application process, read the steps and watch the videos below, or view the FAQ or full tutorial video playlist.

Requirements for Final Inspection

The following has to be completed to receive a final inspection for a new residence (single-family dwelling):

  • A positive grade away from the house foundation downspouts
  • Gutters and splash blocks in place
  • All necessary guard details and railings
  • Electrical and plumbing work completed 
  • A finished kitchen and bath.

Apply for a Permit

Once you have reviewed the process outlined above and have gathered your required documentation, apply for your permit online using the buttons below.


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