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Inmate Information

Inmate Classification

While in the diagnostic housing unit, inmates will be interviewed and assessed by a Classification Officer within 48 hours. Based on the information obtained from the initial interview, the inmate’s criminal record, and the inmate’s file, an assessment will be completed by the Classification Officer to assist in determining custody status and housing assignments.


Inmate Funds

Inmate funds are placed into non-interest bearing accounts, known as escrow accounts. There is no minimum or maximum amount that may be placed into an inmate’s account.

Deposit Process

Funds must be deposited into an inmate's account by using a method listed below. 

Payment OptionsDetails
Detention Center kioskCash, Visa and MasterCard
OnlineVisit TouchPay
By Phone1-866-232-1899
Walk-in Retail LocationsUse the online locator to find locations near you.

Deposit Fees

Deposit AmountFees
Under $20$2.95
$20.01 to $100$4.95
$100.01 to $200$6.95

Inmate Medical Services

The Department of Corrections (BCDC) provides comprehensive medical, dental and psychiatric services for all inmates.


Inmate Mail and Guidelines

There is no restriction on the volume of mail an inmate may receive. Include the Inmate's name and identification number on all correspondence. Mail must follow specific guidelines to be accepted.


Family Emergencies

We at the Baltimore County Department of Corrections understand that family emergencies may arise at any time. In the event of a family emergency such as death or hospitalization of a family member, call the Shift Commander at 410-512-3305. We will need the appropriate contact name and phone number to verify the information.

Inmates are not permitted to attend funerals unless court ordered by a judge. An inmate may be permitted to attend a private viewing if approved by the agency and the sentencing or administrative judge.

Inmate Property

All accepted inmate property is securely stored within the Detention Center. 

Inmates may release property to anyone except other inmates. To release property, an inmate must complete and sign an Inmate Property Release Form. Property may be released during normal visiting hours while the inmate is still incarcerated.

Court Clothes

Court Clothing is also accepted as an exchange and must follow the rules for Court Clothes.

Transfers and Confiscation

Inmates being transferred to another facility will fill out a Property Control Transfer Form and have 30 days for someone to pick up the property before it is disposed of.

Inmates being released will receive their property as they leave the Detention Center. Inmates that have already been released have 30 days to pick up their property during normal visiting hours at the front lobby with a valid proper ID.

Inmates who had their property confiscated by the Police Department, or their property was not accepted by the Detention Center, must contact the Baltimore County Police Department HQ located at 700 East Joppa Road Towson, MD 21286 to retrieve their property. The Property Room can be reached at 410-887-2276.

Inmate Releases

Inmates are released after all legal documentation has been checked and verified. Inmates may be released from the Detention Center in several different ways.

  • Time Served. An inmate’s sentence has expired and he/she has no outstanding charges or detainers.
  • Court Release. While at court, an inmate is released by order of the judge.
  • Bail Release. An inmate who has a bail or fine with no other outstanding charges, warrants, sentences, or detainers may have someone pay the bail and be released.
  • Other Agencies. An inmate is released to another agency that has lodged a detainer, charge, or warrant for that inmate.
  • DOC. An inmate has been sentenced to the Maryland Division of Correction and is awaiting transfer there.

Most inmates are afforded an opportunity to place a local phone call before leaving the Detention Center to arrange transportation home. Inmates may also be provided a local bus token if they cannot pay for transportation. Inmates being sent to another agency will not receive a phone call before they leave due to security reasons.

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