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Family Employment and Support Program

Lisa Gabriel, Chief Court Employment Coordinator
County Courts Building
401 Bosley Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone: 410-887-0152
Fax: 410-887-2747

The Family Employment and Support Program (FESP) is a court-supervised program that assists non-custodial parents who are behind in their child support payments obtain full-time employment. Participants are required to submit employment applications and meet with court coordinators weekly for job referrals. 

Information for Employers

FESP has developed a process for referring entry-level employees to companies in the Greater Baltimore area. We have benchmarked our program on the most successful workforce development efforts in the Mid-Atlantic region, and have consulted with business owners to learn about their needs and concerns. We are working hard to structure our services to produce employees who are ready to exceed your expectations. As a result, our process makes hiring a FESP client a less risky venture than just hiring someone answering an ad.

Free-of-Charge Outsourced Staffing

By hiring a FESP client, you will have effectively outsourced some of your human resource functions, saving company dollars and staff time. This leaves you better able to concentrate on what you do best - growing your business.

FESP provides businesses with fully screened, ready-to-work job applicants. Our clients meet weekly with an employment coordinator to develop a job search strategy. This process allows the coordinator to evaluate the client’s personal presentation, reliability, punctuality, motivation, attitude and ability to take suggestions and follow directions.

In addition, we perform assessments prior to referring any client to work. These may include:

  • Drug Screening
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Basic Education Tests (Verbal and Math)

We make every effort to introduce only screened and qualified applicants that match the skills of the positions available with potential employers. Employers are under no obligation to hire FESP clients.

EAP Provider

You know it’s smart business to provide an employee assistance program. Alert, motivated employees mean a more productive organization. And, it costs more to hire and train a new employee than it does to help and keep a current employee. It’s that simple.

FESP serves employers by assisting our clients with familial, elder care, child care, stress, financial, substance abuse, legal, and work adjustment issues - at no cost to the employer or employee. Our coordinators and associates in partner agencies help clients with these issues in order to keep their minds on the job while at work.

Value-Added Services

  • Retention and Follow-Up: We stay in touch with newly hired clients on a weekly basis for a minimum of one year to help you reduce turnover by helping clients keep their jobs.
  • Tax Incentives: We can assist you in obtaining incentives for hiring clients that qualify. Tax breaks can help offset the cost of training a new employee.
  • Consultations: Our coordinators are eager to hear how we can enhance your company. Let us know how we can assist your business in minimizing risks and optimizing returns.

FESP Client Profile

FESP clients are typically young men between ages 25 and 40 years who are non-custodial parents seeking to be responsible in every aspect of their lives. The program only accepts those parents who are highly motivated to support their families, committed to learning new jobs skills and becoming productive citizens of their communities.

Revised September 10, 2018         


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