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County offices are closed on Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day.

Family Law Cases

The Family Division aims to provide the following:

  • An opportunity for you to resolve your dispute as early as possible
  • An environment that will make it easier for you to come to a resolution of your dispute without the need of a trial
  • The ability to work out a long-term solution

If parties are unable to achieve a mutual agreement on their own, they can be certain that their case will be decided in a fair and efficient manner and, furthermore, that when decisions are made by the judges and masters in the Family Division, the utmost consideration will be given to the interests of all family members.

About Settlement or Scheduling Conferences

The first scheduled event in most Family Division cases will be a Settlement or Scheduling Conference, which will be held remotely with a family law magistrate via Zoom and which will aim to:

  • Encourage early settlement, if appropriate
  • Schedule cases for future hearing dates, if a case does not settle
  • Arrange for services—such as mediation in a confidential setting—that encourage positive discussions that will help parties resolve their disputes in a mutually satisfactory manner

It is important to note that this Conference is not a hearing. The Family Magistrate conducting the Conference will make no rulings. For more information, call 410-887-2509 or read more about the process below.

Service Directory

Learn more about what division to contact regarding the following services offered by the Family Division.

Contact InformationServices

Family Mediation 
Contact: Susan H. Terlep, Director
County Courts Building, Suite 405
Phone: 410-887-6570

Trained, neutral mediators work with parties in a confidential setting to facilitate: 

  • Creating a Parenting Plan that will be in the children's best interest
  • Agreements concerning legal custody (decision-making responsibility)
  • Agreements concerning physical custody (access schedules, sharing of holidays, etc.) 
  • Agreements on mechanisms to resolve disputes and improve communication
  • Agreements on sharing of child-related expenses 
  • Agreements on asset division (in some cases) 

Family Support Services
Contact: Briana Shirey
County Courts Building, Room 515
Phone: 410-887-8614
Billing Inquiries: 410-887-6578

The following services can be provided based upon an agreement of the parties or may be ordered by a judge after a careful review of the facts in a Family Law case.

  • Home investigations/evaluations in custody and visitation cases
  • Referrals/screenings/assessments for drug and alcohol, counseling
  • Extended parenting or anger management classes
  • Supervised visitation or monitored exchanges of minor children (may take place at the Court's Visitation Center)


Permanency Planning
Contact: Wendy Hawkins
Phone: 410-887-5635
  • Ensures children in the County's child welfare system are given a permanent home in a timely manner
  • Identifying barriers that prevent Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) cases from being concluded within 180 days from the filing of a petition
  • Tracks, monitors and assists in the disposition of TPR cases
  • Coordinates all juvenile dependency cases
Protection Order Advocacy and Representation Project (POARP)
Phone: 410-887-3162
  • Free legal advice to victims of domestic violence
  • Discuss legal options, provide assistance in applying for an Ex Parte Order or Protection Order
  • Help create a safety plan for victims and their children
  • Legally represent parties in Ex Parte or Protection Order proceedings

Self-Help Office
County Courts Building,
Second Floor, Law Library

Free assistance with the following:

  • Filing a Family Law complaint for divorce, custody, visitation, child support, guardianship, or name change
  • Answering a Family Law complaint that was served upon you
  • Explain Family Law court processes
  • Referrals to other appropriate legal services providers and resources

Settlement Office
County Courts Building, Room 507
Fax: 410-887-2922

You must submit a Domestic Settlement Conference Statement form to the Settlement Office two weeks prior to the date of the initial Settlement Conference. The form will only be used to assist the Settlement Judge and for scheduling purposes. The form will not be given to the opposing side or placed in the Court file.


Family Employment and Support Program (FESP)

The FESP is a court-supervised program that assists non-custodial parents who are behind in their child support payments obtain full-time employment. Participants are required to submit employment applications and meet with court coordinators weekly for job referrals. Learn more below by calling 410-887-0152.

Family Recovery Support Program

The FRS Program aims to treat chemical dependency, preserve families and protect children via:

  • Access and engagement in an intensive, structured treatment program
  • Provide a support network of holistic, strength-based services
  • Frequent monitoring, evaluations and Court reviews

Learn more below or by calling 410-887-6159.

Parent Education Classes

In all cases involving contested child custody issues, parents are ordered to attend an online, six-hour Co-Parenting Class. The class must be completed prior to the mediation session. For more information contact the Office of Family Mediation. 

Additional Resources

Learn more about available family law resources and documentation below.

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