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Learn More About Your Redesigned Tax Bill

View details about the new layout of your tax bill or find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the redesign.

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Real Property

Tax Bills

The tax rate is applied to the assessed value of your property. The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation re-evaluates your property once every three years. If the assessed value of your property goes up, then your property tax bill will increase. However, Baltimore County limits any increase caused by the assessment on principal residential property at four percent per year, even if the value is higher.

Baltimore County law requires that the tax bill be sent directly to the property owner. The County sends tax bills to the owner's address supplied by the State Department of Assessments and Taxation. Call your mortgage company and ask if they need your bill to pay the taxes. Real property tax bills are due when rendered and are considered delinquent on October 1. Interest starts to accrue at the rate of one percent per month until the bill is paid.

Updating Your Address

To update the permanent mailing address for your property tax bill, contact the State Department of Assessments and Taxation through their website or by calling 410-512-4900.

Personal Property

SDAT certifies the amount for Baltimore County to bill. The fiscal year referenced on your tax bill is the County's billing year. The information we are billing is based on the Personal Property Return filed with the State by you or your predecessor for the previous calendar year for property owned as of January 1.

Estimated Assessments

If you have not filed a Personal Property Return (Form One) with the State, they may estimate an assessment for the County to use. Therefore, you must contact SDAT for corporation and unincorporated accounts by calling 410-767-1170.

Note: Personal property taxes are due as indicated on the bill. To avoid interest accruing, you should pay the estimated amount. When the correct assessment information is received from the State, the County will issue a refund for any overpayment that may have occurred. If you choose to wait for a revised bill, interest will accrue based on the original bill date.

Tax Clearance Certificate

A Personal Property Lien Certificate is available for $55. Send a check made payable to Baltimore County, Maryland to:

Office of Budget and Finance
Attention: Personal Property Section
400 Washington Avenue, Room 150
Towson, Maryland 21204-4665

For more information on Personal Property Tax Clearance Certificates, call 410-887-2411.

Other Charges Appearing on Tax Bills

Property owners with questions about their Metropolitan charges should contact the Metropolitan District Financing and Petitions Office at 410-887-2423. Metropolitan charges include:

  • Water and sewer benefit charge
  • Sewer service charge
  • Water distribution charge
  • Bay Restoration Fund

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