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Labor First: Retiree Private Medicare Exchange

Over 65 or Medicare-Eligible

Quality, choice and value are important to everyone—especially when it comes to health care coverage for retirees and spouses age 65 or older. That’s why Baltimore County is introducing an exciting new approach to benefits for Medicare-eligible retirees and spouses. After a careful analysis of the evolving health care market and an almost three-year pilot program, we have identified an opportunity to provide our Medicare eligible retirees, dependents and beneficiaries with more plan options and better value without sacrificing quality or coverage.

About Labor First

In cooperation with our County Government Labor Union representatives, Baltimore County has partnered with Labor First—a retiree benefit administrator and advocacy company that specializes in retiree healthcare—to access quality, value-added healthcare coverage for our Medicare-eligible retirees, dependents and beneficiaries.

Labor First is not an insurance carrier. They are available to assist Medicare eligible retirees with not only reviewing and enrolling in available plan options, but they are a committed resource for our members throughout the life of the plan. Labor First has a proven track record in quality customer service through their team of benefit advocates, who are available not only to help you with your decision in plan design, but will be there continually as a true advocate to help you with and questions or problems you have with the plan.

2021 Changes

Beginning January 1, 2021, Labor First will be administering medical and prescription benefits for Medicare-eligible retirees, dependents and beneficiaries exclusively through the Baltimore County Retiree Private Medicare Exchange. The Insurance Division will continue to administer dental, vision and life Insurance for Medicare retirees, along with all non-Medicare plans. Watch the virtual retiree health seminar to learn more about the plans offered through Labor First.

Rest assured Medicare Retirees will have the choice of five prescription plans, three Cigna Medicare Advantage plans (including the default coverage plan "Cigna Mid MAPD"), the Kaiser Medicare Advantage plan and you will still have the option to choose the Cigna Medicare Surround Supplemental and United American Supplemental plans. The Mid and High Cigna Advantage and Prescription plans have the addition of an "adherence package" that makes thousands of maintenance drugs available at $0 copay and no deductible.

Guides and Rates

The following documents are PDFs that open in a new window.


More Options and Better Value

The plans available to you from Labor First have been designed to provide you with more options and better value without sacrificing quality or coverage. Premiums will be conveniently deducted from your Baltimore County Pension Check.


The transition to the Private Medicare Exchange offers sustainability over the longterm through an approach that allows Baltimore County to continue subsidizing your coverage. Baltimore County will continue to subsidize your medical and prescription premiums based on your date and type of retirement, and years of service.

Retiree Advocacy and Support

Labor First advocates go beyond just enrolling members. Below are a few of the services your dedicated advocates can assist with after your enrollment and throughout the plan year:

  • Claims, billing and payment support
  • Real time physician and pharmacy assistance
  • Medical and Rx prior authorizations
  • Medication look up
  • Card replacements

Automatic Enrollment

Similar to past transitions, Medicare-eligible retirees, dependents and beneficiaries that are having a change to their current plan will be enrolled in a default plan that provides comprehensive coverage and is most similar in overall value to their current plan. This means that all current Medicare Supplemental, Medicare Part D Prescription and Medicare Advantage participants will be automatically enrolled and covered on January 1, 2021, even if you choose not to participate in Open Enrollment. To stay in the default plan you do not need to do anything.

If you chose to enroll in another plan offered through Labor First, you are required to complete an application. Call Labor First at 410‑431-2226 or 1‑855‑499‑2656 and an application will be sent to you.

Learn More 

For your convenience, you can speak to a Labor First Retiree Advocate dedicated to Baltimore County Government via a personalized phone consultation to evaluate your individual needs, discuss plan options and initiate enrollment. Call 410‑431‑2226 or 1‑855‑499‑2656 to learn more.

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