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COVID-19 Shelter Services Updates

We’re in the midst of an uncertain time. Many services provided by Baltimore County Animal Services have been reduced in both the shelter and field. We hope that our clients will bear with us and understand that we’re making these decisions to protect our staff, our community and the animals as best we can. We appreciate each and every one of you for everything you do to support our shelter, and the animals of Baltimore County.

To ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors, we’ve had to make some changes to our shelter and field operations, until further notice. To find out when our shelter is back to normal operations, please keep an eye on our Facebook page and this page. Find status information below for the following services:

Spay and Neuter Surgeries

All surgical services are being done by appointment only. Surgical appointments are scheduled online or by calling 410-887-2938. Payment is required at the time of scheduling.

  • Baldwin Surgical Center—Open for appointments
  • Dundalk Surgical Center—Closed, reopen date pending

Pet Surrenders and Help

Individuals and families who need to surrender their pet are asked to reconsider during this time. We encourage families to seek placement of pets with friends or family before surrendering to the shelter.

If you must surrender your pet, please call the shelter at 410-887-7297 to make an appointment.

Pet Adoptions

All adoptions are currently being done by appointment only.

View all animals available for adoption. After selecting an animal you are interested in meeting or adopting, please submit a meeting request application. As soon as your application has been approved a staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Foster Program

We’re actively looking for fosters who can house and care for orphaned kittens and mother cats with kittens until the kittens are eligible to be spayed or neutered (eight weeks and two pounds). If you’re interested in fostering, please submit an application.

Lost Pet Redemption

Lost pet redemptions are by appointment only. Please call 410-887-7297 to schedule your appointment.

Stray Animals

If you find a lost pet, please call 410-887-7297.

Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) Program 

TNR surgery dropoffs are being done by appointment only at this time.

If you need assistance or have questions about TNR or trap loans, please email or call 410-887-2727.

Working Cat Adoptions

Please email or call 410-887-2727 if you are interested in adopting a working cat.

Revised August 6, 2020         


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