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Rabies Vaccination Clinics

Rabies is a viral infection of the central nervous system. People usually get rabies from the bite, scratch or lick of an infected animal. If rabies is not treated before symptoms begin, it can result in death. Most people who get rabies have symptoms two to eight weeks after exposure.

Skunks, raccoons, bats, foxes and unvaccinated dogs, cats and livestock can be infected with rabies. The first sign of rabies in an animal is usually marked by a change in behavior. Animals with rabies may become unusually withdrawn or tame and friendly. Some become excited, irritable, aggressive, and may bite or snap. Staggering, convulsions or frothing at the mouth are sometimes seen. 

Vaccination Cost

Vaccination is $9 per pet and includes free microchipping and an initial pet license. Payments are made at the time of appointment. Cash and check are accepted.

Know Before You Arrive

In order to be vaccinated, your animal must be at least 12 weeks old and secured on a non-retractable leash or in an escape-proof carrier. Muzzles are required for aggressive dogs.

Pets with valid proof of prior rabies vaccination are eligible for a three-year vaccination certificate. All other pets will receive a one-year rabies certificate. Bring your valid rabies certificate to your appointment.

Baltimore County law requires pets to be licensed and for rabies vaccinations to be kept up-to-date. Other precautions against rabies include obeying leash laws and avoiding contact with wild animals or unknown domestic animals.

Clinic Schedule

Animal Services offers rabies vaccination clinics throughout the year.  Schedule of clinics will be posted on website calendar and BCAS Facebook page.

Upcoming Clinics

There are no clinics scheduled at this time.


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BCAS does not perform public rabies vaccination services year-round, view other low-cost vaccination options:

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