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Lost and Found Pet Help


I Found a Pet

The law requires you to complete specific tasks within 24 and 72 hours.

I Lost a Pet

Complete a lost pet report and check our lost pet listings.


Check the Community Lost and Found Pet Reports

Community members can submit or view lost and found pet reports via Baltimore County Citizens Access. Check these reports frequently while searching for a pet that you have either lost or found in Baltimore County. Contact information for owners/finders as well as animal information may be found under the record info of each report.

Important Note: This reporting system is intended to enable community members to reunite pets and owners by sharing lost or found pet information, rather than coming to Baltimore County Animal Services. These reports are not actively monitored by Baltimore County Animal Services (BCAS).

View or Submit Lost or Found Pet Reports

If You Found a Lost Pet

Baltimore County law requires that persons who find or otherwise come into possession of a lost or stray animal must:

  1. Within 24 hours—Make a found animal report to BCAS. This should include the finder’s information, animals’ description, and the date and location the animal was found.
  2. Within 72 hours—Turn the animal over to BCAS. If you are unable to reunify the found pet with its owner after 72 hours or if you're unable to hold the animal, stray and found animals can be brought to our Baldwin facility during open hours. While in possession of a stray animal, the finder should actively attempt to locate and reunite the animal with its owner for the next 72 hours by following the steps below.

Check for ID or a Microchip

Check the animal for forms of ID, such as tags, tattoos or a microchip. To see if an animal has a microchip, contact a local veterinary office to see if they are able to scan the pet for a microchip or visit a BCAS community microchip scan station.

Share Pet's Details Locally and Online

Post about the animal on social media, create lost/found flyers or share the information to other public platforms, such as:

The Petco Love Lost logo

If You Lost Your Pet

If your pet went missing in the Baltimore County area:

If Your Pet Has Been Found

  • If your pet is at the shelter—Have their pet ID number ready and call 410-887-4797. When an animal comes into our shelter as a lost pet, the animal will be:
    • Held at least 72 hours after the pet arrives. After three days, including Saturdays and Sundays, any pet not claimed by its owner may be adopted out. For more information, call 410-887-PAWS.
    • Photographed and placed on our lost pets page for three days.
    • Vaccinated and given a medical exam.
    • Checked for identification such as a tag or microchip.
  • If your pet was found by a community member—Use the contact information available on the found pet report to connect with the finder.

Redeeming Your Pet

All redemptions are currently by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment by calling 410-887-PAWS. In accordance with Baltimore County law, in order to reclaim your pet from the Baltimore County Animal Shelter you must:

  1. Bring Identification

    Bring a valid picture ID showing you are over 18. ID can include a U.S. Passport or any state-issued driver's license, learner's permit or a nondriver ID card.

  2. Bring Proof of Ownership

    Bring evidence the animal is yours. Evidence can include a microchip, BCAS records, veterinarian records, adoption or breeder's paperwork.

  3. Pay Fees

    Pay all fees and violations.

  4. Provide Proof of Vaccination

    Provide proof of up-to-date rabies vaccination as required by law.  If you cannot provide proof then one will be administered at the owner’s expense.

  5. Provide Proof of Pet License

    Baltimore County residents must provide proof of a current Baltimore County Pet License. If proof cannot be provided, a pet license will be issued at the owner’s expense.

  6. Other Requirements

    If the pet does not currently have a microchip, the shelter will insert one at the division’s expense.

    If the pet is not currently spayed or neutered, the shelter will do so at the division’s expense. The owner will be required to sign a surgical form prior to the procedure.

Other Lost Pet Resources

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