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Fire and Life Safety Brochures and Pamphlets

The Baltimore County Fire Department's Office of Safety Education uses a variety of publications relating to fire and life safety issues. For your convenience, a list of these publications is provided below. Feel free to photocopy and distribute them.

Fire Safety

  • This is Fire (U.S. Fire Administration)
    This brochure describes the physical properties of fire and suggests fire safety tips.
  • Working Together for Home Fire Safety (U.S. Fire Administration)
    Improve home safety by learning to use smoke alarms, space heaters, and appliances properly. This brochure also teaches how to design escape plans.
  • Get Out Safely (U.S. Fire Administration)
    Learn key safety factors that should be incorporated into your family's escape plan.
  • Holiday Fire Prevention (U.S. Fire Administration)
    Proper handling of Christmas trees, holiday lights, and candles - plus electrical safety - are all important holiday fire prevention topics.
  • Fire Safety Facts for People 50-Plus (U.S. Fire Administration)
    Careful cooking, home heating and tobacco use, combined with the use of smoke alarms and escape plans, can save lives and property.
  • Exit Drills In the Home (State Farm Insurance) (PDF)
    Learn how to react in case of a fire.
  • Escape Plans - Draw One For Your Home. (PDF)
    Draw a fire escape plan specific to your home and the needs of your family. 
  • Tips for People Living in Apartment Buildings. (National Fire Protection Association)
    Learn about several unique fire safety measures specific to tall buildings.
  • Hotel Fire Safety (National Fire Protection Association)
    Learn what fire safety indicators to look for before you rent a hotel room, and how to survive a hotel fire.
  • Fire Safety 101 - A fact sheet for Colleges and Universities (U.S. Fire Administration) (PDF)
    Familiarize yourself with campus fire hazards and learn how to avoid them.

Life Safety

  • Exposing An Invisible Killer - Carbon Monoxide (U.S. Fire Administration, FEMA)
    Learn what produces Carbon Monoxide (CO), identify symptoms of CO poisoning, and learn what to do if exposed.
  • Portable Generator Hazards (U.S. Fire Administration, FEMA)
    Learn show to prevent loss of life and property resulting from improper use of portable generators.

Game (Fire Safety)

  • Safety Word Puzzle. (PDF)
    Children can learn about fire safety while completing this puzzle.

Coloring Sheets (Fire Safety)

For additional fire safety coloring pages, puzzles, and word searches, visit the U.S. Fire Administration Kids at

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