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Creation of a Master Plan for Oregon Ridge

Learn more about Oregon Ridge Park's features and history or view a map of the park. In order to improve the park's features and ensure that Oregon Ridge continues to serve residents, the Department has initiated a master planning process. 


Lardner/Klein Landscape Architects (L/KLA) was selected to lead the master planning process. L/KLA will be responsible for evaluating the existing amenities within Oregon Ridge, public outreach to County residents and recommendations for future enhancements. The plan will include evaluations of and recommendations for:

  • Natural Resources Management—To ensure the protection of forest land, rare and unusual plants and water resources
  • Educational Programming and Facilities—To help the Nature Center better serve residents
  • Facility Improvements—Including changes to signage and parking to create better access and updates to utilities, restrooms and buildings to enhance park users’ experiences
  • Accessibility to Transition Facilities—To serve residents of all abilities
  • Arts Programming—To create a hub for cultural activities, public art and performances
  • Recreational Activities—To adapt facilities to meet modern recreational needs

View the contract (PDF) and additional information (PDF) for the creation of the Oregon Ridge Master Plan. Watch the video of the informational meeting.

Project Timeline

Members of the public will be engaged throughout the process. View the proposed timeline below:

  • March—Informal interviews and focus groups
  • May/June—Public surveys and first set of pop-up events
  • June—Public meeting to present initial findings
  • Spring/Summer
    • Explore: Evaluate site conditions, assess recreational programs and collect input
    • Imagine: Envision improvements to Oregon Ridge 
  • Summer—Interviews at the park with a ranger (English and Spanish)
  • August—Second set of pop-up events
  • Summer/Fall—Plan: Create recommendations for park enhancements to be made over the next 20 years
  • October—Public meeting on concept alternatives
  • December—Public meeting on final plan

Note: The above are estimated dates. Based on public input, these dates may change.

Upcoming Events

Select the events below to learn more.

Past Events

  • March 15—Creation of the Oregon Ridge Master Plan first public information meeting.
  • May 12—After carefully considering the community’s feedback expressed in this meeting, the Department decided not to continue the exploration of the Go Ape zip-line concept at any County park site.
  • June 14—Creation of the Oregon Ridge Master Plan second public information meeting.

Learn More

For more information about the Master Plan, email

Revised June 17, 2022         


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