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Oregon Ridge Park and Lodge

13401 Beaver Dam Road
Cockeysville, Maryland 21030
Park Hours: Sunrise to sunset

Manager: Annie Sanchez
Administrative Aide: Julia Mattson
Phone: 410-887-1818 
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


The 1,043-acre park offers a variety of recreational activities that are open to the public year round. 

Park Rentals

We are able to accommodate indoor and outdoor events with the option to rent any combination of areas, or if preferred, the entire park.  Contact the park office to schedule an appointment to visit our facility, or to discuss rental options, fees and availability. For information regarding the Lake Pavilion, call 410-887-1815.

Upcoming Events

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Creation of the Oregon Ridge Master Plan

In order to improve the park's features and ensure that Oregon Ridge continues to serve residents, the Department has initiated a master planning process

Park History

The park has been owned and operated by the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks since 1969. 

On the property comprising the present day Oregon Ridge Park and Nature Center, iron ore and marble stone were discovered in the 1830s. The following decade, Oregon Ridge became the site of a successful iron ore and marble mining operation. In order to process the iron ore efficiently and profitably, local entrepreneurs constructed an iron smelting furnace along what today is called Oregon Branch Stream. Extracted marble stone was used on site in the iron smelting process and to supply high quality building material for the construction of many private and institutional structures in Maryland and adjacent states.

To support the mining and iron smelting activities, an industrial village housing 250 people developed just to the north of the present location of Oregon Ridge Nature Center. Irish immigrants and emancipated slaves comprised the labor force that lived and worked in the town. Several of the original town buildings remain visible in the landscape today.

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