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Recycling and Waste Prevention

The Recycling Division is responsible for promoting recycling and waste prevention (reduction and reuse). Baltimore County's only active landfill, Eastern Sanitary Landfill, is already more than half full.

Learn more about how we can preserve the life of the County's landfill by reducing our waste and recycling as much as possible:

Tangled Up

"Tanglers" are long or stretchy items—such as plastic bags, clothing, linens, rope, electrical cords and chains—that get caught in recycling facility equipment. These items bring the whole operation to a full stop, which wastes time and money, and endangers workers. You can help prevent this by keeping tanglers out of your recycling bin. Watch the following video to learn more.


Learn More

Visit or to find local retailers that will accept plastic bags for recycling. Download Baltimore County’s Reuse Directory (PDF) to find places where you can donate or sell unwanted clothing, linens and other tanglers.

Single Stream Recycling Collection

  • Learn what items are accepted for recycling in the single stream program.
  • Find information about "curbside" recycling collection, including collection schedules, set-out rules and troubleshooting assistance (residents of apartments and condominiums should contact their property manager directly for recycling set-out instructions).
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions about the single stream program.

Recycling at Drop-Off Facilities

Reduce and Reuse

Learn More or Get Involved

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