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Litter does more than look bad and detract from our communities—it washes into storm drains and pollutes our waterways. There’s no single solution to combating the litter issue in Baltimore County, which is why we've taken a multi-agency approach through both litter prevention and removal programs. Learn more about these programs by emailing

Name our Streams Contest

Name Our Streams Contest—The Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS) is working to call attention to the importance of protecting our local streams that lead to the Chesapeake Bay, and you can help! We’ve identified an unnamed neighborhood stream in Hillendale and invite community members to add their “watermark” by submitting suggested names for EPS’ consideration. The winning name will appear on official maps and signs.

It’s simple to suggest a name:

  1. Show your “stream spirit” by spending 15 minutes outside picking up litter before Wednesday, May 10.
  2. Report the cleanup results on the Team BCPS Clean Green 15 Litter Challenge website.
  3. Submit your proposed name on the Name Our Streams entry form. See the form for stream naming guidelines and to view a map of the unnamed stream.

Previous Name our Streams Winner

The U.S. Geologic Survey has approved “Church Meadow Creek” as the new name for the previously unnamed, local stream in Pikesville. It crosses Church Lane and runs through a new, four-acre County park (currently in the planning stages). Thanks to everyone who submitted a stream name suggestion and participated in a Clean Green 15 litter cleanup

Anti-Litter Programs for Residents

To help give your anti-litter efforts a lasting, ripple effect throughout your community, we encourage you to participate in the following County programs that combat litter and show that you care about keeping our environment clean.

The Litter-Smart Business Program

The County’s Litter-Smart Business program  for commercial operations and other establishments offers real-world tactics for effective waste management, as well as encouraging litter removal and prevention.

County Litter Removal and Enforcement

The County’s street sweeping program helps keep sediment and trash from clogging storm drains and flowing into the Chesapeake Bay. The Bureau of Highways’ street sweepers remove some 6,000 tons of debris each year from County roadways with curbs and gutters. The Bureau of Highways also responds to complaints of roadside dumping and excessive litter.

Code Enforcement works in collaboration with residents to maintain and improve communities by enforcing County Code and zoning regulations. Their inspectors respond to complaints on residential and commercial properties, including trash or debris in yards.

Volunteer at Your Local Watershed Association

Join a local watershed association to participate in volunteer opportunities to make improvements to our streams, forests and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. Find contact information for your local watershed below to learn about restoration activities available in your community.

WatershedVolunteer Contact Information
Back River



Baltimore Harbor
Bird River
Deer CreekDeer Creek Watershed Association
  • Gwynns Falls 
  • Jones Falls
Blue Water Baltimore
Liberty ReservoirFriends of Patapsco Valley and Heritage Greenway
  • Little Gunpowder
  • Loch Raven
  • Lower Gunpowder Falls
  • Middle River
  • Tidal Gunpowder
Patapsco RiverPatapsco Heritage Greenway

Gunpowder Valley Conservancy (GVC)

Prettyboy Watershed Alliance

Additional Resources

Watch the "Watershed Moments" video series.

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