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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be prequalified and placed on the County's bid list for construction contracts?

Construction contracting is handled by the Department of Public Works and Transportation, Construction Contracts Administration Division. You can contact them at 410-887-3531. Prequalification information is also available online.

Construction is going on in my community, can you explain when we can expect things to get back to normal?

Call Construction Contracts Administration at 410-887-3531 between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. and we will contact the inspector handling the project.

Signs have been placed along my street, what is going on?

Most likely the signs have been placed in preparation for a construction project. These signs are for a dual purpose, to inform the public of changes and to protect the public and workers. Call Construction Contracts Administration at 410-887-3531 for more information about specific projects.

Someone is surveying in my neighborhood, why are they there and how do I know if they are County Surveyors or from a private company?

Many surveyors do work for private individuals or companies. If they are Baltimore County Surveyors they should have given you a letter explaining their presence. If they are from a private surveying firm, you will need to ask them directly. Baltimore County does not regulate the many surveying companies operating in the County. Our Surveys Division can determine if the surveyors are County Surveyors or a company working for us. They can be reached at 410-887-3540.

I want to put up a fence or I am having problems with my neighbors. Will Baltimore County survey my property?

Baltimore County does not do surveys for private citizens. You must look in the yellow pages under "Surveyors—Land".

Someone has put paint marks in the street in front of my property. What is going on?

Paint marks in the street or on a sidewalk are usually marking the approximate location of underground utilities. This usually precedes some sort of construction in the area.

I am working on a project in Baltimore County. How do I find out if there is any existing County control nearby?

The Survey Division of the Bureau of Engineering and Construction can check and give you the appropriate data. Call them at 410-887-3540. They can fax the information to you or you can come into the office at 111 West Chesapeake Avenue, Room 300A to get your copies. We will not read data to you over the telephone. We also hope to provide this information online at some time in the future.

How do I find out the status of bridge projects before construction starts?

Call the Structural Design Section at 410-887-3737.

Can small amounts of grading be done anywhere?

No, state and County regulations protect environmentally sensitive areas, i.e., tidal waters and marshes, watercourses, wetlands, floodplains, stream and forest buffers, and habitat protection areas.

Are construction sites required to prevent sediment run-off?

Yes, state and County regulations require property owners and permittees to install measures that will filter water run-off.

If a construction site appears to have install sediment control devices, does it mean they are not working if muddy water leaves the site?

No, sediment control measures provide temporary retention to allow deposition of heavier sediment particles, fine particles remain in suspension and discolor the water run-off.

How can I contact Miss Utility?

You can contact Miss Utility at 1-800-257-7777.

Revised May 12, 2021         


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